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OVHcloud is back after a failure following “human error”

This morning, several sites hosted by the Roubaix company no longer respond, in particular that of the National Assembly and the company’s page dedicated to the status (travaux.ovh.net).

Octave Klaba intervened on Twitter to give some details: “ Following a human error during the reconfiguration of the network on our DC at VH (US-EST), we have a problem on the whole backbone. We are going to isolate the DC VH then fix the conf ”.

We can therefore hope for a quick return. This failure goes badly, since the company is in full IPO. It is also barely recovering from the fire in Strasbourg last March, shortly after the announcement of its intention to open its capital.

As expected, the service is back, the impacted equipment having been isolated. The company issued a statement outlining the background to the update that led to the issue.

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