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OVHcloud cut off from the world (in IPv4): feedback on a global failure

OVHcloud coupé du monde (en IPv4) : retour sur une panne à l'échelle mondiale

Sébastien Gavois

By Sébastien Gavois

Wednesday 13 October 2021 to 19:

This morning, some discovered that many sites and services were offline. Demonstration of the strong presence of OVHcloud on the web in many countries. A human error which led to an IPv4 routing failure which occurs a few days before the Roubaisien IPO.

This morning, at 9 a.m. 12 (Paris time), social networks are agitated because a large number of sites are inaccessible: National Assembly, Arte, Arrêt sur Images , the government’s open data site… They would be too numerous to name them all. Their common point is quickly found: “ the entire OVH network is unavailable ” , recognizes the host on its site dedicated to support … which was also inaccessible during the outage.

An error in United States drops the whole network 2021

Around 10 h, Octave Klaba intervened on Twitter to give some details: “ Following a human error during the reconfiguration of the network on our DC to VH (US-EST), we have a concern on the whole backbone. We will isolate the DC VH then fix the conf ”. He explains that “ in recent days, the intensity of DDoS attacks has increased a lot “. To cope with this, the host has decided to increase its processing capacity “ by adding new infrastructures in DC VH (US-EST)


We know the following: “ a bad configuration of the router caused the failure ”. An official press release containing these elements was subsequently posted online. The post mortem has just been published. Analysis.

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