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Orange Concessions is officially launched

This subsidiary was announced late 2019 at the same time as the Engage plan 2025 and its launch was to intervene in 2020. It will finally be necessary to wait for the beginning 2021 to have news and November for the subsidiary to be officially operational. During the THD Summer University in Saint Étienne, the operator confirmed that the launch was only a matter of weeks.

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This new company is “ held at 50% by Orange and 24% by a consortium comprising La Banque des Territories (Caisse des Dépôts), CNP Assurances and EDF Invest ”. “ Orange Concessions brings together 24 Public Initiative Networks (RIP), governed by contracts with local authorities local, in Metropolitan France and overseas, ultimately representing more than 4.5 million fiber outlets, which positions it as the leading infrastructure operator in French rural areas ” .

Orange Concessions is managed by Jean-Germain Breton of this company valued at 2, 675 billion euros.

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