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Orange and SFR share the IP and VPN collection market for the State's interministerial network

The journalist Émile Marzolf notes that a contract of 292 million euros for the supply of IP and Ethernet collection networks in metropolitan France (excluding Ethernet in IDF) of the interministerial network of the State (RIE) has just been awarded to Orange and SFR.

Orange wins two prizes: IP VPN Premium Fiber collection (110, 3 million ‘euros) and the Premium Ethernet service (23, 2 million). SFR wins four: Standard Fiber IP VPN collection services (34, 6 million), Copper IP VPN collection (51 , 5), Economic IP VPN collection (20), and Standard Ethernet service (4.3).

A seventh batch of management services “ in order to assist the Administration in the project management of the collection networks ” of the other six lots had been awarded to Wavestone and Pragma in August last, for 4.8 million euros.

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