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Ohio Republican Senate Showdown: Spotlight given by Jane Timken in latest Ad

Jane Timken has aimed at president Biden for the security of the border as a segment of ad blitz in her bid for the nomination of the Republic Senate in the competitive GOP primary in Ohio’s crowd.

As per Jane Timken, cartons full of drugs and illegal immigrants flood Ohio along with fentanyl and Heroin. There is a surge in the number of Opioid deaths. As shared with Fox News on Tuesday, the former Ohio GOP chair charges in the ad.

Jane Timken also said that he is aware of what border security means. It is as equal to national security. Jane Timken is backed by retiring GOP Senate portman for his success:

Across the country, Border Mind is the topmost priority in the minds of the Republican voter in Ohio. And as spotlight given by Jane Timken wherein recording was done as she stood along the U.S Mexico border. And this latest issue is highlighted by Jane Timken.

Jane Timken

As Jane Timken’s team mentioned, that spot will run on Cable Tv and the broadcast in Cleveland, Cincinnati. And as a part of the ongoing campaign, Dayton and Youngstown market will participate in it.

Timken’s husband is the former president, Chairman, and Ceo of his family steel manufacturing corporation is the eighth candidate in the GOP primary race ahead of retiring GOP Sen. RB portman, who has also endorsed Timken.

Apart from the other Republican candidates who have taken part in the race are 2018 Ohio GOP Senate Candidate Mike Gibbons, a real estate developer, an investment banker, and a Cleveland Entrepreneur.

Also, former two-time senate candidate and Josh Mander, Ohio treasurer, a best-selling author and a venture capitalist. Not only them but J.D Vance and State San. Matt Dolan is a former state and country prosecutor where the family owns significant League Baseball’s Cleveland garden.

Dolan gives border Security spotlight in Ohio GOP Senate Ad Blitz

President Trump is not only supported by Dolan but also by two other significant contenders who believe President Trump to be the most influential and popular politician in the GOP as he plays the role of the kingmaker in the primary parties in the year 2022.

In 2024, they are also repeatedly teased by the white house run. Timken represents herself as “Trump tough in the pledges and commercial. She also mentions that as she is the real Trump conservative, she will go to any extent to secure the border and eliminate drug cartons.

Jane Timken

The spot also included a clip explaining that a former president in a rally in 2020 says that Ohio GOP Chairman Jim Timken is unbelievable.

All the prime contenders are backed by a large amount of personal wealth or are supported by personal finance from the groups outside.

As per the figures reported by the national ad tracking firm Adimpact, approximately 26 million dollars has been spent in the last week to run the Ohio Senate race with a significant contribution towards the GOP primary.

According to the Fox News poll conducted between 2nd to 6th of March which was released last Wednesday identified 22% of Gibbons to be the primary voters, Vance was at 11%, Timken at 9%, Dolan at 7% while Mandal at 20%. Almost a quarter of those surveyed were not decided.

Jane Timken

The Republican’s winner might have to face off against Tim Ryan of northeastern Ohio. Amongst everyone Ryan is considered to be one of the favourites when it comes to the Democratic nomination.

In a primary race where nearly all the major contenders have plenty of personal wealth or are backed by well-financed outside groups, ad spending is soaring.

A former consumer of financial Bureau senior advisor, progressive Morgan Harper and also a 2020 congressional candidate is also a part of this race.


As per the Adimpact, to date, the Ohio Senate race is the second most expensive race in this cycle, which is behind the showdown of the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

As a citizen, one should not try and jump to any conclusion. Every corner of the story should be known to every citizen of America. As this is going to be a very important decision for every citizen of America.