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Musk says the next president should be less divisive than Trump

On Thursday, Elon Musk said he does not support former President Donald Trump in a possible presidential run in 2024, even though he wants Twitter to lift its permanent ban on him.

Musk, 50, said as much on Twitter, which he will own following last month’s approval of his $44 billion bid by the social media platform’s board.

Despite thinking a less divisive candidate would be better for 2024, the South African native believes Trump should be allowed back on Twitter.

Donald Trump is not the optimal candidate as per Elon Musk

Elon has always been a follower of Trump. He liked his reforms and leadership. But the recent comment from him shows otherwise. Musk thinks Donald Trump is very decisive and he should be replaced by someone who is comparatively less decisive. There is no response from the Former president on this comment yet.

Elon Musk to Unban Donald Trump’s Twitter account

“While I think a less divisive candidate would be a better choice in 2024, I still believe Trump should be brought back on Twitter,” – Elon Musk.

Elon also commented about Joe biden just after the Donald Trump tweet.

Elon says – The mistake Biden makes is thinking he was elected as a leader to transform the country, when in fact he was elected to reduce the amount of drama

Elon is known for his tweets and his tweets always create a buzz in the world. As always these tweets went viral and the response from the users was against Elon musk’s comment on Donald Trump :
Heres few that we picked :


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