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Mo Brooks asks for a re-endorsement as Donald Trump backs Katie Britt

Donald Trump endorsed Katie Britt in the GOP Senate primary against Brooks

Almost three months after withdrawing his endorsement of Alabama U.S. Representative Mo Brooks, former President Donald Trump has endorsed Katie Britt in the GOP Senate primary against Brooks. Several months after urging Republican voters to focus on the ex-false president’s claims of a “stolen” 2020 election “behind” them during a Trump rally, Trump withdrew his endorsement of Brooks, arguing that the congressman had gone “woke” because he was trailing in polls. Despite trailing Britt in the GOP primary last month, Brooks and Britt will face off in a runoff election on June 21. Brooks has slammed Britt’s candidacy, citing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s support as proof that she doesn’t fit the “MAGA” agenda, while pleading with Trump to re-endorse him.

Why did Donald Trump endorse Katie instead of Brooks?

On Friday night, the former president finally weighed in on the race, putting an end to his former ally’s hopes. “I endorsed Mo Brooks for the United States Senate last year because I thought he was a Fighter, especially in the Rigged as well as Stolen Presidential Election of 2020,” Trump said during a statement. “Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Mo backtracked and made a major blunder by heading Woke at our huge Cullman, Alabama rally.” “His phrases caused me to pull back my Endorsement, and Mo has already been begging me to give it back ever since-but I can’t!” he added. “On the other hand, Katie Britt is a fearless America First Warrior… Katie Britt, above all, will never let you down. So get out there and vote for Katie Britt in the Alabama Senate Runoff on June 21st—she has my full support!”

What did Katie say about Senator Richard Shelby’s resignation?

Britt, a former staffer for resigning Republican Senator Richard Shelby, said in a statement obtained by a news that she was “devastated” by the situation “”President Trump knows that Alabamians are sick and tired of failed, do-nothing career politicians,” she said, taking a jab at Brooks and adding, “Donald Trump knows that Alabamians are sick and tired of failed, do-nothing career politicians.” “It’s time for the next generation of conservatives to step it up and shake things up in Washington so that our children and grandchildren can inherit the country we know and love,” Britt said.

Brooks issued a social media statement on Sunday urging his supporters to put pressure on Trump to re-endorse his candidacy.

Brooks issued a social media statement on Sunday urging his supporters to put pressure on Trump to re-endorse his candidacy. The congressman claimed that voters would “send a message to Mitch McConnell by electing a true America First conservative to the Senate on June 21,” and labelled Britt a RINO, or Republican in name only. Brooks issued a new plea for Trump’s re-endorsement shortly before Trump announced his support for Britt on Friday, quoting a JMC Analytics poll that showed he would’ve been “narrowly in the lead” if he had been to regain the endorsement. Following Trump’s withdrawal of his endorsement, Brooks’ polling numbers initially improved. However, in last month’s primary, the congressperson did receive 100,000 fewer votes than Britt, and recent polling suggests he has little chance of beating her in the runoff. Britt led Brooks by nearly 18 points in a poll released Friday by McLaughlin and Associates.

Brooks described Trump’s endorsement of Britt as “weird”

In a statement obtained, Brooks described Trump’s endorsement of Britt as “weird,” claimed that Trump had been “conned” by McConnell and argued that he “endorses the wrong people sometimes.” “This is weird: last time Donald Trump talked about Katie Britt, he said she was unqualified for the Senate,” said Brooks. “Donald Trump is the only man in American politics who could get conned by Mitch McConnell twice in an Alabama Senate race. Let’s just admit it: Trump endorses the wrong people sometimes.” “He endorsed Mitt Romney, he endorsed John McCain and now he’s endorsed Katie Britt, who his own son, Don Jr. called ‘Alabama’s Liz Cheney,'” he continued. “Alabama grassroots remember in 2017 when Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell got involved in a Senate primary in Alabama—and we rejected them. The people of Alabama will decide.”

What is the real reason Trump dropped Brooks’ endorsement?

In March of this year, Trump, who has always been the clear front runner, stepped away from the congressman. The real reason Trump dropped Brooks was that it appeared that he had no chance of making it to a runoff election ahead of the May 24 primary. Trump also didn’t want to be associated with a loser. Except Brooks and Katie Britt, Shelby’s former chief of staff, made the runoff on June 21 after no candidate received over 50% of the vote in the initial primary.

Mo Brooks is in a desperate situation, and he intends Donald Trump to be aware of it. The Alabama Republican Senate candidate detailed the ups and downs of his relationship with the former President in a Twitter appeal earlier this week. Brooks’ candidacy for the available seat of retiring GOP Sen. Richard Shelby was officially endorsed by Trump in April 2021. At the time, Trump said, “Few Republican politicians have as much Boldness and Combat as Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks.” Brooks’ campaign stalled after that, despite Trump’s endorsement.

About Katie Britt

Katie Britt is an American lawyer, businesswoman, and political candidate who led the Corporate Council of Alabama from 2018 to 2021 as president and CEO. She is a member of the Republican Party and is running for the United States Senate in Alabama in 2022. From 2016 to 2018, Britt worked as the chief of staff for U.S. Senator Richard Shelby. Britt was born in Enterprise, Alabama, to Julian and Debra Boyd. She grew up in Dale County, Alabama, just outside of Fort Rucker, where she started working at her family’s small business. Britt went to the University of Alabama to study politics and was elected president of the Student Government Association there. She earned her Bachelor of Science in 2004 and her Juris Doctorate in 2013 from the Community college of Alabama School of Law. Britt declared her candidacy in the Republican race for the United States Senate election in Alabama in 2022 on June 8, 2021. Britt had also publicly associated herself with former President Donald Trump as a Senate candidate.

About Mo Brooks

Morris Jackson Brooks is an American lawyer and politician who has represented Alabama’s 5th congressional seat in Congress since 2011. His district, which includes the northeastern fifth of the state, is based in Huntsville. Brooks is a member of the Republican Party and a founder of the Freedom Caucus. Brooks was born in the South Carolina city of Charleston in 1954 and relocated to Huntsville, Alabama, in 1963. Betty J. Brooks, his mother, taught economics and government at Lee High School for over 20 years while he was at Grissom. Morris Jackson “Jack” Brooks Sr. grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as well as worked as an electronic engineer before retiring from the Meteorology Centre at Redstone Arsenal. They still reside in Alabama’s Madison County. Brooks attended Grissom High School and graduated in 1972. He earned a double field of study in economics and political science from Duke University in 3 years, with highest honours in economics. Brooks graduated from University of Alabama School of Law with a J.D. in 1978.

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