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Microsoft leases HTTP / 3 deployed on its Exchange Online servers

In a post , the company explains that since the arrival of Windows Server 2022, a migration work is in progress for the Exchange Online servers, used by the Microsoft offer 365 and in particular for the online version of Outlook.

This migration is accompanied by a gradual transition to HTTP / 3. To date, 20% of installations have received the new version of the protocol, which will be remembered to reduce latency by allowing faster negotiations, while increasing the security.

Microsoft has mainly focused on a statistic called “last-mile request latency”, which measures the latency between the client and the nearest server. Depending on the case, the gain goes from 8 to 67, 4% and is therefore concrete.

Microsoft does not, however, give a deployment schedule. It is not known in what order the clients will be migrated, but all should see at least a small general improvement in the responsiveness of the affected services, especially the web version of Outlook.

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