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Microsoft: infrastructure, data protection and regulatory framework

In a blog post, Julie Brill (vice president in charge of data protection and regulatory affairs) explains that “ the question that the company civil, businesses, academics and governments should ask is not whether we can use data, but rather how we can enable responsible use of data to create a better world “.

Rather than talking about data as “new oil” let’s start thinking of data as an ‘infrastructure’ that will be the foundation to help us build a resilient and responsible global society ”.

She continues: “ we need privacy regulations that serve as rules and preserve our ability to use and share data across borders ”. She is therefore campaigning for “ a solid regulatory base with clear safeguards [qui] will allow our data infrastructure to thrive “.

A list of avenues follows, in particular” encourage the use of technologies that improve protection of privacy “, offer a suitable solution” to persons injured by data abuse “and” develop innovative legal approaches that respect national sovereignty ”.

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