Melissa Tate

Melissa Tate is a Zimbabwean political commentator, analyst, and writer who emigrated from Zimbabwe to the United States at the age of 19 years old to attend University with nothing but a suitcase and a few hundred dollars in her pocket.


She earned a degree in business administration. After working for a large bank for three years as an investment advisor Tate started her own business. With a dream and the determination to see it come true, she managed to pay her way through college, graduated, worked for corporate America, and eventually started a small business.

Melissa said that “I have always felt I am the master of my destiny and this country has been a blessing to me in a way that I could have never imagined”.  She is known for her work on the Chrissie Mayr Podcast (2020) and The Candace Owens Show (2019).

Her fascination for politics came from a deep intention to maintain the superiority and the ideals of America by being an activist and fearless voice against the rise of the distant left in America.

Melissa Tate’s Book

Melissa Tate has written a book that shows the reality of people and the actions they are doing with the black race.

Melissa Tate book

Melissa says ” the ‘White Privilege’ fallacy and critical race theory are being used to divide and conquer America from within. Black people are being told their skin color impediment to keep them from progressing. My destiny has never been pre-determined by my skin color. It is being shaped by the choices I make daily, good and bad.”

She explains: “I wanted to write a book that would educate people so that they understand that this narrative that is coming from the left, it’s not designed to help black people. It is designed to racially divide America and conquer it from within. It is a Marxist ideology, and it is designed to tear America and rip the country apart racially.”

Melissa Tate: Recent Twitter Ban Controversy

In 2020, Melissa Tate became a viral name following claims she made about Hydroxychloroquine, which were thereafter retweeted by preceding United States President Donald Trump.  she tweeted that doctors around the world had approved hydroxychloroquine as the treatment to Covid-19. In the tweet, Tate wrote:

“6000 doctors surveyed across the world all said #Hydroxychloroquine works in Covid patients. Multiple Studies in France found it effective. & yet here in America it is being suppressed to keep deaths high so the economy can be shut down ahead of the election. It’s sick!”

Melissa Tate twitter

After this tweet, Twitter temporarily restricted Tate’s profile over the tweet. Though, Trump’s retweet of that post is no longer available. Trump’s Twitter profile was also penalized due to the sharing of “misinformation”, which included the retweet from Melissa Tate and a video titled ‘a message from America’s Frontline Doctors’.

Personal Life

Melissa Tate celebrates her birthday on November 16 as her birthday. She has good terms with her siblings. Tate’s sister stands against her in the political expanse while her brother’s side is undecided.

On 2 June 2008, Melissa married her longtime Caucasian boyfriend. They have two children. She has a close bond with her family that she shows by posting photos, videos on Social Media.


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