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#LeBrief: single emergency number, Firefox Relay Premium, 1Password 8, Google Cloud outage

The bill “ aimed at consolidating our civil protection model and promoting the voluntary service of firefighters and professional firefighters ” has ended its legislative course.

The text authorizes, on an experimental basis, the pooling of platforms for receiving emergency calls from fire and rescue services, ambulance services and police services. On the menu, strengthening interconnection, interoperability of information systems and application of common procedures. They will have to ensure “ the uniqueness and fluidity of information, the shared traceability of interventions and the optimization of commitments “.

It also validates the experiment of the single emergency call number, 112, which will last two years. Its benefits will be evaluated as will the interoperability of emergency platforms. Several reviews are planned for this purpose, in particular no later than three months before the end of the experiment.

the relevance of the platform model chosen, with regard to the speed of the response, the quality of the operational response and the support of people appellants “, without counting the evaluation of the conditions for a possible generalization throughout the territory.

Despite some reluctance on the implementation of 112 as a single emergency number, the latter aims, on the contrary, to establish a more suitable, rapid and shared urgent and non-urgent call handling scheme between the various current actors (firefighters, SAMU, police and gendarmerie), replacing 13 current emergency call numbers sources of confusion for applicants ”, welcomes the National Federation of French firefighters.

The same federation specifies the platform deployment plan: “ a platform bringing together the Samu, firefighters and public security forces; a second with only firefighters and Samu, and a third with on one side the Samu and liberal health professionals, and on the other the firefighters and public security forces ”.

The idea of ​​a single number had been criticized in particular by the French Society of Emergency Doctors. “ In this configuration, the first operator who takes the call will not be specialized in health and medical regulation will be put out of play, causing our urgent care system to lose fluidity and efficiency », Regretted the SFMU last May.

At the beginning of June 2021, a bug had hit all the numbers, following a technical incident at Orange.

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