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#LeBrief: repair your iPhone yourself, bullying, new Maps and Snap

En 2022, Apple lancera son programme Self Service Repair

As the name suggests, it ” will allow customers who feel able to carry out their own repairs by having access to original Apple tools and spare parts ”. “ Available first for the iPhone ranges 10 and iPhone 12, which will soon be followed by the range of Macs equipped with M1 chips, the Self Service Repair program will be offered from the beginning of next year in the United States, then extended to d ‘other countries throughout 2022 ”.

Apple will sell spare parts and tools necessary to perform repairs. “ People returning used parts for recycling will receive a purchase credit “, adds the maker. We will have to see the proposed prices … hoping that they will not be exorbitant and that it will not be ultimately more profitable to buy a device.

During the initial phase, the screen, the battery or the photo sensor of the phones will be available. A ramp-up with more components is planned from next year. More than 200 parts spare parts and tools will be offered.

In its press release, Apple does not hesitate to present itself as the white knight: “ Over the past three years, Apple has nearly doubled the number of repair sites with access to genuine spare parts, tools and Apple training ”. However, the manufacturer has spent years fighting against the right to repair across the Atlantic.

And it is also the evolution of the political context which accelerated the pace, the FTC having made a rather harsh report on the subject at the beginning of the year, the Biden administration having decided to act on this ground this summer. The repair community is thus welcoming the news positively, much like iFixIt, although waiting to see it put into practice. Many people call for a continuity of work aimed at setting strict and general obligations in this area.

Swile victime d'une campagne de phishing qui semble ciblée

Since yesterday, many users of the card that allows to group together restaurant vouchers, gifts, etc. employees of a company, evoke the reception of fraudulent emails in order to recover the identifiers of their accounts.

The startup quickly confirmed the problem and reacted, responding on Twitter and referring to ANSSI’s advice on the matter. Asked about the subject, she told us that “ research is in progress “.

But she was unable to confirm whether this campaign followed a data breach from her services, which would explain why her customers were specifically targeted.

Age of Empires IV : les nouveautés à venir

Microsoft explains that, “ this winter, there are hundreds of balance changes waiting for you , as well as bug fixes and player requested features ”.

Collage, it is a question of “ to activate the scores to see them during the games “, of “ see the map after the end of the matches ” and of course a lot of rebalancing on the ship demolition of the French, the crossbowmen, the Prélat d unit u Holy Roman Empire, the Mongolian mobility bonus, etc.

In addition, from spring 2021, two new ways of playing will be offered: “ player-created content and tools to bring your ideas to life ”, as well as“ the start of the Classified Seasons ”.

In the longer term, the team is working on “ a global build queue “, improvements to the unit stats map and shortcuts , provocations and cheat codes, improve artificial intelligence, etc.

Une application et une proposition de loi contre le harcèlement scolaire Credits: ClarkandCompany / iStock

Emmanuel Macron announces the launch next February of an application against online harassment . Reprise et reconditionnement des smartphones : Carrefour, Back Market et ecoATM s’associent It will allow “ to report an act of harassment in a few moments, by sending screenshots ”. At the same time, the LReM, MoDem groups and Agir ensemble have submitted Reprise et reconditionnement des smartphones : Carrefour, Back Market et ecoATM s’associent a proposal of law “ aimed at combating bullying at school ”. So without an opinion from the Council of State or impact study, like the bill on the default installation of parental controls .

The text creates a new offense against school harassment, in particular when it is committed by other students studying or having studied in the same establishment as the victim. “ Harassment can indeed frequently result from electronic messages sent to the victim by another student not in the establishment, outside of school hours .

Article 7 of the PPL inscribes “ the fight against school bullying among the objectives assigned to platforms and access providers ”. According to the authors of the text, “ it enshrines the obligation of moderation of school bullying content on social networks “.

Reprise et reconditionnement des smartphones : Carrefour, Back Market et ecoATM s’associent

ecoATM, specialist in take back smartphones, offers terminals allowing customers to estimate and drop off their mobile phones, in exchange for gift cards that can be used at Carrefour.

For its part , Back Market collects phones refurbished by ecoATM in order to put them back on sale. A winning partnership for the three participants.

This service is already available in around fifty Carrefour stores and will be extended with 135 new terminals by the end of the year and 250 start recovery terminals 2022.

Netlify lève 105 millions de dollars et rachète OneGraph (GraphQL)

This funding round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with the participation of existing investors. The company is now valued at $ 2 billion.

Thanks to this financial windfall, the company “ will accelerate the creation and adoption of modern web technologies and unite Jamstack into a seamless platform to develop web applications ”.

Netlify also announces the acquisition of the start-up OneGraph, a “ GraphQL platform that simplifies the integration and management of APIs and services ”.

Finally, the company announces the Jamstack Innovation Fund, a fund endowed with 10 millions of dollars whose purpose is to “ provide business support to emerging companies “.

It also commits to invest $ 1 million in direct sponsorships of open source projects.

Cloud : Nua.ge promet de corriger les défauts de son IaaS Credits: triloks

Shortly after our test of its solution (and others), the service posted a thread on Twitter for “ give a brief technical update by centralizing some of our responses ”.

It indicates that it has corrected the first bugs, such as the speed of certain VMs which was too low “ due to a bug in ‘offloading hardware “, the reverse DNS record that was not consistent, or long VMs to create” at cause of a bad loop in house code ”.

Others still have to be resolved, such as the loss of connection of certain instances or the concern of provisioning the SSH key which requires waiting a few minutes or restarting the VM as we indicated during our test. “ Regarding information and technical details, we had many perfectly legitimate requests on this subject. A dedicated page is coming soon to our website ”, specifies the team.

She adds that she is waiting “ a little longer to tell you about our next projects We have read and listened very carefully to your requests for changes. Several trends are already emerging ”.

On the other hand, nothing has been said concerning the criticisms on the subject of the processing of personal data, or the DNS at Cloudflare by default (only on VM CentOS and Debian according to our findings). For our part, we still have not obtained a response from Oxeva’s DPO on the operation of its consent module.

  • Discovering Nua.ge, the “simple cloud” but not simplistic ”from the La Poste group
  • Age of Empires IV : les nouveautés à venir Encore un trimestre « record » pour NVIDIA, avec des croissances à deux chiffres

Encore un trimestre « record » pour NVIDIA, avec des croissances à deux chiffres

The company is still doing very well with over $ 7 billion in revenue on the third quarter (of its fiscal year 2021), which “ was exceptional ”. It is therefore an increase of 44% in one year and 9% in one quarter. The net profit is 2, 250 billions of dollars, or 64% better in one year and 4% over three months.

In detail, the industry Gaming has a turnover of 3, 14 billions of dollars (+ 42% in one year), compared to 2, 84 billions (+ 50%) for the Data Center. Professional Visualization and Automotive share the remains with respectively 500 millions (+ 135 %) and 135 million (+ 8%).

Memories et Explorer : deux calques pour la carte Snap

This card allows for a reminder of “ see where your closest friends are and what they are doing, but also to discover Places near and far thanks to Snaps sent by [la] community ”.

It has now a new feature called “ layer “, with Memories and the Explore function to start cer. In both cases, the goal is to provide you with a “ personalized worldview ”.

Scroll down through the memories and revisit your favorite Snapchat Memories attached to the Places they were products, or embark on a virtual expedition to sites and events captured by Snapchat cameras around the world with the Explore function ”.

To view the Layers of the Snap Map, visit the new drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Snap Map ”, finally explains the company.

Un référentiel CNIL pour la création d’un entrepôt de données de santé Credits: ollo / iStock

In July 2020, if France was the first country to transpose the article 15 of the Copyright Directive, which enshrines the neighboring rights of publishers and press agencies, the transition to production has been difficult to say the least.

Google, accused in the past of hold-up or spoliation, first tried to turn the situation to its advantage by disabling extracts by default articles in its engine, it is up to press professionals to reactivate them free of charge. The case was then brought before the Competition Authority which first ordered in April 2018 Google to negotiate in good faith. Decision contested on appeal by the engine. In vain.

The digital giant was finally fined 500 million euros by the AdlC which, in July 2021, did not appreciate the non-compliance with several of its injunctions. Four months later, the hatchet is buried. Agence France-Presse and Google have just signed an agreement on these famous neighboring rights, which compensate the press for the resumption of articles, even by extracts, in particular on Google News. A partnership “ very soon to be completed by a program on the fight against disinformation “, announces the press release.

Sébastien Missoffe, CEO of Google France, preferred to greet this “ common ground with publishers and press agencies ”. For Fabrice Fries, CEO of Agence France-Presse, the agreement is above all “ a recognition of the value of information. Its product will contribute to the production of quality information and to the development of innovation within the Agency ”.

A product that will also sharpen this “ incredible” soft power “tool ”that is AFP, as the same Fabrice Fries described it in an interview with Le Monde in September 2018.

Un référentiel CNIL pour la création d’un entrepôt de données de santé

To simplify compliance, the committee has just published a repository on warehouses health data. Content classified in the category of sensitive data by the General Data Protection Regulation.

This publication, which follows a consultation launched in March 2020, will allow organizations to dispense with the imperative prior authorization of the CNIL. Thus, from now on, “ after checking the conformity of its warehouse project with respect to the repository, the organization can declare its conformity “.

The warehouse standard only applies to health data warehouses based on the exercise of a public interest mission ”recalls the authority.

Certain warehouses, such as those based on the collection of the consent of the persons concerned or those which have the exclusive objective of dematerializing medical files are not subject to authorization ”. The CNIL strongly suggests that organizations follow the requirements.

  • The repository on the creation of health data

EXA1 : le supercalculateur français d’Atos et du CEA

TO As the end of the year holidays approach, Google announces new features for those who will take the opportunity to travel. It is thus a question of Area Busyness in order to identify the busiest areas of a city. Its deployment started on Android and will soon arrive on iOS.

Shopping malls, airports and train stations can now display more information: “ You can quickly see what kinds of stores are in a building, like toy stores, jewelry stores, salons, car rentals, parking lots, etc. ”. Times, notices and floors are also indicated.

Finally, the Pickup with Google Maps function is developing in the United States. Launched in May in Portland, it allows “ to track the status of your order, to share your estimated time of arrival [avec le commerçant] and inform the store of your arrival, all from the application ”.

Now more than 2 000 stores in 23 States are partners. Customers using Pickup with Maps “ typically wait less than five minutes ,” says Google. Nothing is specified regarding a larger launch in the world.

EXA1 : le supercalculateur français d’Atos et du CEA Credits : Maxiphoto / iStock

With a power of 22, 2 PFLOPS for a consumption of 4, 96 megawatts, it went directly to the 14 e Top place 464 as we recently indicated. Features 12 829 EPYC processors 7763 (Zen 3, 55 C) and therefore of 829 440 cores, “ this is the largest High Performance Computing (HPC) system ever installed in the world using standard processors ”, explains Atos.

There are higher performance supercomputers in Europe – HPC5 in Italy and JUWELS Booster Module in Germany with 35, 4 and 42, 1 PFLOPS – but they run GPUs from NVIDIA (Tesla A 100 or V 100) in addition to the CPUs.

This new supercomputer is completely cooled by water thanks to Atos’ patented DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) solution which uses lukewarm water at this effect. With an energy efficiency indicator PUE ~ 1 (Power Usage Effectiveness), EXA1 records the best performance on the market ”.

The development of such a high-level supercomputer is essential for certain defense programs that we are implementing within the CEA / DAM ”, indicates Vincenzo Salvetti, director of military applications at the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission.

More precisely, it responds “ to the needs of the Simulation program of the CEA Military Applications Department, the aim of which is to guarantee the safety and reliability of French nuclear weapons ”. For the moment, this is only the “ first partition ” of EXA1, referenced as CEA -HF in the Top 500. We do not have more details on the other upcoming scores.

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