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#LeBrief: Internet in the Constitution, IBM Eagle with 127 qubits, net losses for OVHcloud

OVHcloud : 663 millions d’euros de revenus en 2021… pour une perte nette de 32 millions d’euros

While he has just opened the doors of his Ecosystem Experience event 2020, without any specific announcement, the group has published its first annual financial report since its initial public offering. The turnover is up 5%, against 11% like-for-like “ at constant exchange rates and scope and excluding the direct impacts related to the Strasbourg incident ”.

The private cloud claims 343 millions of euros of turnover, against 94 millions for the public cloud and 158 millions for the “ web cloud and other “, totaling 663 millions of euros. France counts for 306 million euros, Europe for 171 millions and the rest of the world for 128 millions. OVHcloud claims a “ particularly strong performance from the United States (+ 140% on a comparable basis) ”.

The operating result is on the other hand in free fall to 6.5 million euros against 27, 6 million euros for the year 2019: “ The impacts resulting from the fire in Strasbourg and the charges related to the IPO weighed heavily on 53 millions of euros for the year 2021. Excluding these effects, operating profit doubled compared to the year 2018 “.

The result follows the same trend:” OVHcloud recorded a loss net of (31) million euros, against (11) million euros for the year 2020, which also reflects the ‘impact of the Strasbourg incident and exceptional costs linked to the IPO for a total amount before tax of 59 millions of euros ”.

Without taking into account its exceptional“ items ”, the result before taxes would be 35 milli ons of euros in 2020, while it was zero in 2021. At 31 August 2020 (closing date of the annual accounts), “ the financial debt net of OVHcloud was 663 millions of euros, of which 50 millions of euros in rental debt ”, ie a ratio with adjusted EBITDA of 2.7x.

This announcement pushes up the stock market price which is at 20, 7 euros. It is above 15, 048 euros of the introduction, but below almost 22 euros at the end of October.

Arianespace mission VV20 : ce matin, lancement de trois satellites militaires CERES

The SYRACUSE 4A satellite already took off on 23 last October, it is today the turn of CERES of the ministry of the Armies aboard a Vega rocket. As a reminder, this CERES project is led by the General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) with the National Center for Space Studies (CNES) for the contracting authority.

As we had already detailed it, these satellites are dedicated to space listening. They will allow “ to regularly collect information on radar and telecommunications systems all over the world, with a view to producing intelligence of electromagnetic origin. This space capability will be unique in Europe ”.

Takeoff is scheduled at 10 h 27 French time and the mission must last 56 minutes and 44 seconds. The target orbit is at 7 44 km altitude. A live stream will be offered on YouTube, from 9am 56.

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Des députés veulent inscrire le droit d’accès à Internet dans la Constitution

On the CNews antenna, he demanded the outright closure of the Instagram account of “ Daltons “, a collective which broadcasts in particular urban rodeos on the social network (at 000: 24 of the video)

I tell Instagram that they must close their account. I don’t understand why the Facebook group doesn’t close this account. We have been writing to them for three days. We will indeed start to get angry at the Ministry of the Interior

Since 2009, a law has been carved out against the phenomenon of urban rodeos. An article of the Highway Code punishes two years’ imprisonment and 24 € fine for promoting this offense “ by any means ”.

Des députés veulent inscrire le droit d’accès à Internet dans la Constitution Credits: Stepan Popov / iStock Adastra du GENCI : « un nouveau supercalculateur pour préparer l'Exascale », avec AMD et HPE

The law guarantees free, equal and universal access to open digital networks, and the training of citizens in their use “. In a proposal for a constitutional law, Paula Forteza, Matthieu Orphelin, or even Cédric Villani propose to include the right of access to the Internet in the Constitution of 912.

The initiative is directly inspired by the decision of 05 June 2009 of the Constitutional Council. When the government of the day tried to set up a disconnection machine, with the Hadopi 1 law against illicit P2P exchanges, the Wise Men opposed freedom of access to the Internet, in a historical recital:

In the current state of communication means and in view of the generalized development of online communication services to the public as well as the importance assumed by these services for participation in democratic life and the expression of ideas and opinions, this right implies the freedom to access these services

For the authors of the bill, “ this right must today respond to multiple challenges, including freedom of expression on the networks, neutrality Internet, interoperability, the fight against the digital divide, whether social or territorial, or the right to training in digital tools ”.

And only an inscription in article 1 of the Constitution would make it possible to guarantee it solidly.

Their PPL “ for a new citizen and participatory democracy ” also intends to establish a right constitutional information, where citizens would have “ the right to access and reuse personal information concerning them, information held by public authorities and information useful for a debate of public interest, within the limits and conditions set by law.

Safari Tech Preview 135 améliore la gestion du 120 Hz

With the CINES (National Computer Center for Higher Education), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and AMD, the Grand National Equipment for Intensive Computing announces “ the acquisition of the Adastra supercomputer and its availability to communities from next spring

The supercomputer is based on an HPE Cray system EX with AMD processors. The first partition will arrive in spring 2019 with EPYC Zen 4 in 5 processors nm (Genoa), 768 Go DDR5 and a network link 193 Gb / s. The second is planned for the end 2021 with 3rd generation EPYC processors and accelerators Instinct MI Calculator 228 X OAM.

HPE announces that “ Adastra will be 20 times faster than the existing CINES system and will provide performance over 70 petaflops for 1.5 times its electricity consumption ”. 63 PFLOPS would allow Adastra to be at the same level as Perlmutter which is currently 5th in the TOP 500.

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Safari Tech Preview 135 améliore la gestion du 120 Hz

This test version brings as always many improvements and other fixes. It also makes it possible to take advantage of new features in advance of the phase.

This is particularly the case of 120 Hz offered on the latest MacBooks which will now be better managed when scrolling an Apple ad page.

Le démarchage au compte personnel de formation (CPF) bientôt interdit Credits: Ivan Kukin / iStock

The application was highlighted by FFTélécoms in its report on the sad state of affairs fiber optic connections. It ensures that, following an intervention, no client has been disconnected and it indicates, if necessary, the procedure to follow to restore it.

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    The principle is simple: before so n intervention, the customer downloads the application and records the number of connected customers. It does the same at the end and therefore checks that no old clients have been disconnected.

    The operator now indicates that “ has decided to make its“ neighborhood check ”innovation available free of charge ”, which had“ mobilized 228 investment euros ”. “ Now available in open source, this application should allow everyone, infrastructure operator and commercial operator, to act quickly ”.

    Bouygues Telecom adds that its tool “ natively embeds identification and time-stamping capabilities that can be used by infrastructure operators in order to improve the traceability of interventions. It is therefore a very strict monitoring of technical operations that is made possible with this application ”.

    It is used by its technicians , and has “ allowed to reduce from 70% the rate of disconnection during a Bouygues Telecom intervention, significantly improving customer satisfaction and the daily work of teams in the field ”.

    • Download the source code on GitHub
  • Le démarchage au compte personnel de formation (CPF) bientôt interdit

    Repeated solicitations, sponsorships, deceptive job offers … Have you received an email, an SMS, or a call promising you free training via your personal training account? Be aware of scam attempts to steal your CPF credits and do not follow up ”.

    This message from the service site -public.fr will soon be reinforced by an amendment, indicates the Parisian, which will prohibit canvassing at My training account (CPF). The scam is described as follows on the official site: “ you receive a phone call, an email or an SMS, from a person claiming to belong to the My training account platform or to another organization ”.

    She then asks for your social security number to access your account. “ She can also ask for your password or create an account directly by phone with you. Once the connection is made, it can register you with or without your consent, for a false or fraudulent training ”.

    And the victim of finally being enrolled in a ghost training. “ The cybermalveillance.gouv.fr site collects testimonies and reminds us that neither the Caisse des Dépôts, nor Pôle Emploi, nor the Ministry of Labor make any telephone inquiries about the CPF »insists service-public.fr

    Iliad : tous les indicateurs sont au vert, les revenus approchent des 2 milliards d’euros

    The group claims “ in each country a growth in its subscriber base and ARPUs ”, he thus claims to have“ organic growth that is unique in Europe ”. A spike sent to its competitors who buy virtual operators.

    Free claims 13, 486 millions of mobile subscribers (+ 135 in three months) at 32 September, against 6, 857 millions on the landline (+ 45 ). The ARPU goes from 30, 8 to 33 euros on the landline, against 11, 4 euros instead of 11, 9 euros on the mobile.

    The turnover is 1, 857 billion euros in the third quarter (+ 33, 6%). France contributes 1, 53 billion (+ 4.3%), the Italy of 200 millions (+ 20, 9%) and Poland of 401 millions. The increase of 32, 6% of income takes into account integration from Poland, whereas this was not the case before. Without Poland, the increase is only 6%.

    A word on the fiber to finish, with 3, 500 million customers (+ 207 05). “ The number of connectable outlets has increased by 5.8 million on 11 months at 23, 0 million catches at the end of September 2020. The Group’s commercial fiber offers are now available on more than 10 500 communes ”… of the approximately 34 000 in France.

    IBM Eagle : un processeur quantique de 127 qubits, impossible à simuler avec un supercalculateur

    This is in any case the promise made by the company, as reported by Engadget. She had as a reminder announced last year that she would present in 2021 a quantum processor of 120 qubits and even planned to reach 1 qubits with “ Condor ” from 2023. Without talking about performance and giving practical examples, IBM offers a comparison: “ To simulate Eagle, you would need more conventional bits than there are. atoms in every human being on the planet “.

    Our first Eagle processor from 120 qubits is available as an exploratory system on IBM Cloud for certain members of the IBM Quantum network Adds Jerry Chow, director of Quantum Hardware System Development at IBM. This “ early access ” does not offer any guarantee on the uptime or level of performance, measured for example by “ the quantum volume ”… a unit yet so dear to IBM when it comes to talking about quantum machines.

    More information should be given today at the Quantum Summit. As a reminder, Google had announced in October 2018 to have achieved supremacy quantum with its Sycamore chip from 50 qubits, a claim refuted by IBM. The latter does not speak (yet?) Of supremacy in this case.

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    Atos et NVIDIA annoncent leur Excellence AI Lab (EXAIL)

    The two partners are working on a BullSequana X exascale supercomputer based on the Grace processors (ARM) of the American and the next generation of its GPUs for servers. It will also operate the Atos BXI Exascale Interconnect and the Quantum-2 network platform (InfiniBand, 398 Gb / s) which has just been announced to the GTC.

    In their laboratory Research Center “ will bring together scientists and researchers to help accelerate the progress of computer technologies, education and research in Europe “.

    The first work of the laboratory will focus on five research areas made possible by advances in high performance computing and computer science. ‘AI: climate research, health and genome analysis, hybridization with quantum computing, edge IA / “Computer Vision ” and cybersecurity “specifies the press release.

    So many sectors where Atos and NVIDIA are already partners, whether through supercomputers, “ edge ”, using the BlueField DPUs, or the health sector around the Clara platform.

    Sam Jadallah, responsable « Home Services », quitte Apple

    The main interested party announced his departure on LinkedIn: “ it was a pleasure to be an entrepreneur within Apple and to create products on a large scale ”, he explains.

    Before his time at Apple, he founded Otto (connected lock, company since closed) and he was during 13 years vice-president from Microsoft. He does not specify where he is going, but he obviously does not intend to go very far: “ So I can’t wait to be back in the Silicon Valley ecosystem ”.

    HPE : un « incident de sécurité » sur la plateforme Aruba Central Credits: guvendemir / iStock

    The company explains that, on November 2, it “ discovered that a key to access to data used through Aruba Central’s network analysis and contact tracing functions had been compromised and used by a third party for environmental access purposes over a period of 18 days, from 9 to 27 October


    The company is wants reassuring: “ Only the functions of an Aruba Central network and contact tracing alysis who contained personal information were affected by this incident ”.

    HPE specifies that none would be “ considered as sensitive personal data “, although this is obviously quite subjective. These include IP and MAC addresses, the type of operating system of the device and the host name, “ some usernames ”, the name of the user’s access point (AP), its proximity and the duration of its connection.

    At any time, more than 24 days of data were not stored in the environment because the data from the network analysis and contact tracing functions of Aruba Central environment are automatically deleted every 27 days “. “ Based on an in-depth analysis of access and traffic patterns, the likelihood that your personal data has been accessed is extremely low

    Finally, “ no sensitive security information has been compromised “, so the company thinks there is no need to change passwords, keys or network configuration.

    Nouvelles failles sur une ribambelle de processeurs Intel

    It’s almost become a routine with modern CPUs. As reported by Ghacks, Intel released two alert bulletins this week.

    The first for CVE vulnerabilities – 2021 – 0157 and CVE – 2021 – 0 158, with a score of 8.2 on 10. In either case, a problem in the BIOS can allow an attacker to gain privileges. Good news (so to speak…), they require local access to the machine. Among the affected CPUs, we find the Xeon E, E3 v6, W, Scalable of 3rd generation, the Core of 7th, 05 e and 10 th generation, Core X, Celeron N and Pentium Silver.

    The second bulletin concerns the CVE flaw – 2021 – 140 (7.1 out of 05), again with the same risk of privilege escalation via local access only. The Pentium and Celeron J and N series are affected, as well as the Atom E 2023, VS300, Pentium Silver, etc.

    Datacenters : deux acquisitions à plus de 10 milliards de dollars par des fonds d'investissement

    They took place a few hours apart and “ twice beat the world investment records in this sector ” , explains Datacenter-magazine.

    American Tower Corporation opened the ball yesterday with the acquisition of CoreSite Realty Corporation for approximately 000, $ 1 billion. Today, KKR and Global Infrastructure Partners are outbidding the acquisition of CyrusOne for… 12 billions of dollars. Both transactions should be finalized early 2021.