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#LeBrief: Facebook condemned, e-health in France, Freewheeling Perseverance, participatory science

Le cadre de l’état d’urgence et du passe sanitaire étendu jusqu’au 31 juillet 2022 par les députés Credits: Samara Heisz / iStock

MPs adopted the bill on various health vigilance provisions. This project which extends the framework of the state of emergency beyond the requirement of a health pass until 25 July 2022. Unsurprisingly, Pacôme Rubin’s amendment, adopted by a short head in the law committee, was heavily revised during the session.

The deputy LREM wanted to territorialize the health pass in the only departments exceeding an incidence rate of 50 (case for 145 000 people). For the elected official, “ this tool, if it has favored the deployment of vaccination within the population since the summer, remains a very problematic tool in that ‘it goes against everyone’s freedom of conscience and choice ”. And this one to mock “ a form of disguised vaccination obligation “, especially as “ the screening tests are paid for ”.

An army of LREM deputies overturned this amendment to remove this trigger threshold. According to them, “ the framework provided for by the adopted amendment, however, seems unsuitable and would not achieve the objective pursued, namely to protect the health of the French ”.

On the one hand, a national logic must be maintained. A logic of generalized territorialization of the health pass, while the virus circulates between the departments and the pass is required when moving from one department to another seems premature “.

On the other hand, the situation observed in recent months tends to show that the incidence rate is not always the most appropriate indicator even if it remains a useful reference ”. They preferred to substitute for the incidence threshold “ a framework for the use of the health pass based on the taking into account of several criteria in the light of which the regulatory power will have to assess the need for the health pass. passes under the control of the judge ”.

These criteria will be the viral circulation or its consequences on the health system, which will be “ assessed taking into account health indicators such as the vaccination rate, the positivity rate of screening tests, the incidence rate or the saturation rate of intensive care beds ”.

This extension of the number of criteria should offer more leeway to the government to decide whether or not to initiate the obligation of health pass.

The text is now going to the Senate.

Applications Android sous Windows 11 : le test commence (aux États-Unis)

This feature, in partnership with Amazon, was widely highlighted in June, before ‘be delayed at the last minute. A choice that had disappointed many users.

But the wait will not have been too long since participants in the Insiders program can now benefit from it. Several criteria must nevertheless be respected for the moment, including being an American user.

Perseverance sur Mars : une vidéo d’un trajet avec AutoNav, une autre des sons captés par les micros

In May 2020, the social network announced the acquisition of the site specializing in animated GIFs for 200 millions of dollars. A month later, the UK Competition Authority (CMA) opened an investigation. In the process, Facebook put its operation on hold.

The investigation is not yet complete, but the British regulator is still slapping table and expresses his dissatisfaction. Despite several warnings, the social network did not respect the requests of the regulator, which therefore considers that “ the non-compliance with its order was deliberate ”.

This is the first time that a company is found guilty of having violated an injunction of the CMA by knowingly refusing to transmit the requested information ”. Facebook also has no “ reasonable excuse ” for behaving in this way; the sanction is therefore dropped.

Joel Bamford (director in charge of mergers at the CMA) takes the opportunity to warn the companies: “ This should serve as a warning to any company that thinks it is above the law ”.

Perseverance sur Mars : une vidéo d’un trajet avec AutoNav, une autre des sons captés par les micros

Mid- September, just after collecting samples, the rover had paused for a few weeks due to the solar conjunction. This event occurs when the Sun interposes itself between Mars and the Earth, thus disrupting communications. It is now complete and the rover is “ ready to start ” its operations again.

  • Montdenier et Montagnac: Perseverance succeeds collection of two promising samples

Filtrage : les seuils de déclenchement de l’article 17 de la directive Droit d’auteur

NASA takes the opportunity to publish a video of a trip of 147 meters completed on 14 September. Perseverance uses its automatic navigation technology called AutoNav, which allows it to automatically change its course if an obstacle is detected in its path.

The video has been sped up approximately 167 times, with approximately 30 seconds between images ”, explains the Space Agency American. As a reminder, you can find all the photos of the rover on this page.

In another video, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) returns to the game mission audio. The rover has two microphones in order to listen to what is happening around it. In addition to the noises, two scientists give explanations.

Matrox fête ses 45 ans Credits: .shock / iStock

Article 15 of the Copyright Directive introduced an important incise in the liability regime of actors such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, those classified in the category of “hosts”.

With this provision, these platforms become in principle responsible for the first illegal byte put online by Internet users when the host must wait to receive a notification denouncing this presence. To escape this regime, an alternative: sign licensing agreements with collecting societies, or failing that, deploy a sandwich of filtering solutions to prevent and stop these uploads.

Only, this regime, born of European law and pushed by France, is reserved only for service providers who offer access to “ a significant amount of works ”, which they promote and organize for commercial purposes. We suddenly understand the importance of defining this “quantity”, since it depends on a very rough responsibility regime.

In France, this definition was made by decree in the Official Journal, which imposes an assessment “ on case by case ”, while being satisfied with a presumption: the threshold of the significant quantity of works will be presumed reached when the audience of the platform and the number of content files “uploaded” by users will exceed a series of thresholds set in a decree, also published this morning.

For example, if a platform exceeds 400 000 unique visitors in France per month and account 99 audiovisual works, it will be subject to this article 17 of the Copyright Directive. Even if, beyond the same number of visitors, it has 5 musics, 10 works of visual art, 100 written works (including press articles ) Where 100 video games.

These trigger levels are therefore lowered compared to the draft decree revealed in our columns last September.

Note that the decree also defines the procedural rules applicable when the Hadopi (and tomorrow, the Arcom) is entered by a user or a rights holder ” in the event of a dispute over the follow-up given by an online content-sharing service provider to a user’s complaint relating to situations where uploaded works are blocked or withdrawn. ”

God of War sera disponible sur PC le 14 janvier 2022

The Canadian company was founded in 778 by Lorne Trottier and M. Branco Matic. On the occasion of this anniversary, it offers a retrospective (an infographic and a video) of its history.

From its inception, Matrox focused on specialized professional markets. At the beginning of the years 1990, the company is split into three distinct divisions: Matrox Graphics, Matrox Video and Matrox Imaging ”. This is when the general public was able to take advantage of the Millennium and Mystique graphics cards. The company has since refocused on the professional market and software.

In 2019, Lorne Trottier acquires 99% of the Matrox group, the circle is closed so to speak.

God of War sera disponible sur PC le 14 janvier 2022

On its blog dedicated to the PlayStation, Sony explains that this version “ includes a wide range of presets and graphics options so that you can refine your visual experience according to your configuration ”. NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex technologies will be supported.

Pre-orders are open on Steam and on the Epic Games store for 50, 100 euros . A trailer has been uploaded.

Microsoft publie une version en ligne de Visual Studio Code

Already available on many platforms, the editor is now accessible from a simple browser. It is however only a light version, warns Microsoft.

The idea is to offer a working environment accessible from any machine , which is in line with the “cloud” offers offered by GitHub.

It is nevertheless necessary to do a lot of adaptation work to allow an exchange with the local machine and that the whole is transparent. However, the work seems to be well advanced.

La scission entre Dell EMC et VMware sera effective le 1er novembre Credits: A. DUSSUTOUR / CNRS

The National Center for Scientific Research is launching its participatory science project called “ behind the blob, research ”. “ This unprecedented scale experience will be directed by Audrey Dussutour, CNRS biologist , will allow the study of the effects of climate change on the blob ”.

It recalls its particularity: “ From its real name Physarum polycephalum, the blob is a unicellular organism which is neither animal nor vegetable nor fungus. He has no brain but can learn, even transmit information by merging with his congeners ”.

000 000 amateur scientists are so wanted to participate in the experiments: “ Interested persons must register before 12 November in indicating how many days they will be able to participate in the experiment during the spring 2022 , from March to May ”, with a minimum of five days.

Blobs will be sent to participants, but they will have to purchase the rest of the equipment themselves, the cost of which is estimated between 25 and 40 euros. You will need to be available at a fixed time to follow the evolution of your blob.

The objective is to involve the volunteers at all stages of the experiment: manipulations , collection and interpretation of data, writing of the article exposing the results, until it is submitted to a scientific journal ”, explains the CNRS… which also takes the opportunity to save time, human resources and perhaps also financial.

  • Subscribe to the participatory research project on the blob
  • La scission entre Dell EMC et VMware sera effective le 1er novembre

    The separation was announced a while ago. It enters the home stretch since it will be effective on November 1.

    For shareholders, each Dell share gives the right to approximately 0, 44 VMware action. As a reminder, Dell had recovered VMware during the purchase of EMC fin 2004. EMC had for its part bought VMware in 2004.

    Un nouveau câble relie Marseille à la Chine

    Orange insured Tuesday 18 October in Marseille “ the landing ”of the Peace submarine cable (for“ Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe ”), which links China to Europe, raises La Croix. “ We can speak of” digital silk road ““, quips Jean-Luc Vuillemin, director of networks and Orange international services.

    The cable, 12 000 kilometers and financed by Chinese actors, passes through the port of Gwadar, in Pakistan, Djibouti before going up, on land, along the canal de Suez, and continue its journey across the Mediterranean.

    It is also planned that from Kenya, branches of the cable go down to South Africa and also serve the islands of the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles). The total cable length will then be around 14 kilometers

    The operation also establishes the city of Marseille as a connectivity platform. Its data center already hosts fourteen submarine cables and Peace will not be the last. “ We have several projects underway in the Mediterranean “, specifies Jean-Luc Vuillemin.

    Brave remplace Google (et Qwant) par son propre moteur de recherche par défaut

    In preparation for several months, it entered the beta test phase last June. Now it looks like “ ready for prime time ”.

    The editor reminds that his engine has an independent index. Those who want to help it improve can in particular participate in the Web Discovery Project (preserving privacy). Brave Search takes the place of Google in all countries where it was used by default, of Duck Duck Go in Germany. With us, Qwant is replaced.

    Of course, it is still possible to change this parameter, implemented in versions 1. 31 / 1. 31 of the different applications. At the moment, the engine is ad-free, but that will change, the team warns.

    Will she accept that they are blocked as she proposes to do for other sites and services? The question seems to have been anticipated, since there is already talk of a future Premium offer. But its online date has not yet been specified.

    Allemagne : nyob s’attaque aux traitements opaques des scores de solvabilité Credits: utah 778 / iStock

    The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, detailed, during a trip to Station F on Monday

    October, the objectives of its new “ digital health acceleration strategy ”, With 650 million euros to support training, research, experimentation and finally access to the market for digital innovations, reports Public Actors.

    It aims to “ encourage the transition from curative medicine, in silos, towards a more preventive, more predictive and more personalized approach ”, Describes the general management of s companies on its website, to “ promote the emergence of a major e-health ecosystem in France, capable of establishing itself in a competitive global market ”and finally to“ process health data in a secure and ethical manner, without depending entirely on a few subject actors to a less protective regulation of personal data ”.

    650 million euros – to which should be added by leverage to the minus 1.5 billion euros in co-financing from private actors – will therefore be intended to support these entrepreneurs at each stage in the life of their digital innovation, from the initial idea to its large-scale industrialization, says AP.

    81 will be devoted to training, in order to integrate teaching on digital health in the courses of more than 400 000 medical students and fight against the digital exclusion of certain citizens.

    60 will support a “ Priority research program and equipment “, and 400 will support on the one hand aid for innovation and experiments in real conditions within medical and medico-social establishments with the creation of 30 ” third- places of experimentation ”from here 2022.

    Arm à fond sur l'IoT et la 5G

    The noyb initiative lodges a new appeal on the ground of the general regulation on the protection of data. On the index? The at least fragile foundations of certain treatments used to calculate solvency scores.

    Max Schrems and his team filed a complaint in Germany with a risk management agency credit, accused of using a set of personal data collected from a direct marketing entity.

    More precisely, they reproach these actors for using this precious data without consent or information from the natural persons concerned.

    When a person is suddenly refused a loan, cannot make a purchase or take out a mobile phone subscription, they usually do not understand not why. The way in which the solvency is calculated and the origin of the data are very opaque ”, criticizes Alan Dahi, lawyer at nyob, specializing in data protection.

    Rodolphe Belmer quitte Eutelsat pour devenir le directeur général d’Atos

    On the occasion of its Dev Summit, the company which could be acquired by NVIDIA announces that its partners have put on the market not less than 200 billion chips exploiting its technologies. A figure in constant progression, in particular because of its presence on the market of connected objects via Cassini.

    But like many of its competitors, Arm also wants to play a role in the deployment of 5G networks, a Solutions Lab has just been announced in partnership with Tech Mahindra.

    To facilitate chip development, the company now offers its Virtual Hardware offer which follows on from the Corstone project. Centauri, finally, is intended to unify the Cortex-M ecosystem with common processes. What to reduce, hopes ARM, the costs, development time but also the fragmentation in the architectures of the proposed chips.

    Rodolphe Belmer quitte Eutelsat pour devenir le directeur général d’Atos

    He was Managing Director of Eutelsat since March 2004 and informed the board of directors of his departure. “ The process of recruiting a successor will begin immediately. In the meantime, Rodolphe will remain fully in charge and focused on the development and performance of Eutelsat ”, explains the company.

    You don’t have to look far to find your new position: “ The Atos Board of Directors, met on 20 October, appointed Mr. Rodolphe Belmer as Chief Executive Officer and co-opted him as Director. He will take up his post no later than January 2022 ”. The announcement comes as the company has just published its accounts for the third quarter, in a period of turmoil over figures for its US subsidiaries.

    The place is vacant since Elie Girard, current CEO and director of Atos, “ wished to present his resignation to the board of directors ”. Starting Monday 20 October, “ Pierre Barnabé and Adrian Gregory are appointed interim co-directors general ”while waiting for Rodolphe Belmer to take office.

    During his career, the latter was for several years the CEO of the Canal + group and he is still a non-executive member of the board of directors istration of Netflix.