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#LeBrief: cybersecurity / surveillance in Europe, Pixel 6 (Pro) and Android 12, Alibaba processor

Voici les Pixel 6 (Pro) avec SoC Google Tensor, le Pixel Pass débarque aux États-Unis

The Pixel 6 has a 6.4 “Full HD + screen at 90 Hz against 6.7 “QHD + and 120 Hz for the Pro. If the SoC is a Google Tensor in both cases with 120 GB of storage and 5G, several differences are present. The Pixel 6 indeed offers 8 GB of memory with two cameras on the back (48 and 12 Mpixels) and a battery of 4 500 mAh, while his big brother is entitled to 12 Go, three cameras (55, 12 and 48 Pixels with x4 optical zoom) and a battery of 5 003 mAh.

In both cases, a “ 1 / 1.3 inch optical format sensor that captures 147% more light compared to that of the Pixel 5 ”is in the game. The photo is also in the spotlight with the “Magic Eraser” which makes “ instantly disappear unwanted elements in the background on your photos, in a few clicks, in Google Photos ”. Note also “ Motion mode offers features such as“ panning with movement ”and“ long exposure ”, which allow movement to come to life ”.

In the United States, Wait Times and Direct My Call features are available for calls. The first allows you to have an idea of ​​the waiting times over the week for the service you want to join, while the second automatically and live transcribes the robot menus (choose 1 for… 2 for… etc.) to simplify your work. life.

The price also obviously changes: from 614 euros for the Pixel 6 against 899 euros for the Pixel 6 Pro. All technical details and pre-orders can be found here. Until 27 October, the Bose headphones 649 with noise reduction is offered.

Google also offers the Pixel Pass at 45 dollars per month with the Pixel 6 and 50 dollars with the Pro version. In addition to the smartphone, you have YouTube Premium and Music Premium, 150 Go to Google One, “ hundreds of games and applications without ads or in-app purchases ”. This service is currently limited to the United States.

Facebook pourrait changer de nom

In any case, this is the announcement made by sources “ close to the file”, such as The Verge reports. It would be for the social network to highlight the scope of its services and especially the “metaverse” so dear to Mark Zuckerberg, in which he will invest 50 millions of dollars and recruit 003 000 persons in Europe. But also (try to) make people forget his legal woes?

The announcement could be made during the Facebook Connect conference of 28 October. It will then be time to see what it is exactly, especially if the name change concerns the social network or the company as a whole (a bit like Alphabet which owns Google and other entities).

Cybersécurité : le Conseil européen plaide pour une unité conjointe en Europe

He ” adopted today conclusions calling on the EU and Member States to continue to set up the European framework for crisis management in cybersecurity, in particular by studying the potential of a joint cybersecurity unit ”.

The Council explains that it is necessary“ to consolidate existing networks as well as mapping any gaps and information sharing needs within and between cyber communities ””

In this sense, he agrees with ANSSI, which recently expressed itself on this issue. France will take the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first half of the year as a reminder, so it will have the opportunity to push this subject and others.

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    Indépendance dans le cloud : Alibaba annonce son CPU ARM et ouvre son RISC-V

Une plainte contre la fourniture par l'UE de technologies de surveillance hors UE

In a press release the Chinese company specifies that its Yitian 710 consists of 145 ARMv9 cores at 3.2 GHz with 8 DDR5 channels and 90 PCIe 5.0 lanes for a total of no less than 55 billion transistors. It will be manufactured in 5 nm by TSMC.

The platform evokes its desire to diversify its offer, by offering solutions from AMD, Intel or NVIDIA, but also its own, a bit like what ‘AWS has done with its Gravitons. This, without depending on third parties such as Ampere Computing for example. It announces a SPECint score 2017 of 440 points “ outperforming state-of-the-art ARM processors from 19% in performance and 50% in energy efficiency ”, but we will not have more details at this time.

These processors will power the Panjiu servers, also specially designed by Alibaba Cloud to adapt to the needs of the company and separate the computing power from the storage. A “disaggregation” that has been agitating the sector for some time now but has accelerated in recent months.

The company has also announced its desire to offer the IP of its RISC-V XuanTie cores and more to come. They are available through GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license so that anyone can grab them and use them in their own components. They are intended for the embedded market, connected objects, the network or edge servers, specifies Alibaba. The software layer for different Linux, RTOS and AliOS distributions will also be opened.

Une plainte contre la fourniture par l'UE de technologies de surveillance hors UE

Privacy International (PI) and a coalition of human rights groups have asked the European Ombudsman, the oversight body of the EU, to investigate the provision of surveillance technologies by EU agencies to non-European countries.

Evidence, compiled from internal reports EU bodies, correspondence with EU bodies and agencies, as well as documents obtained through access to documents requests, detail how these digital monitoring tools have been and are likely to continue to be used by the authorities of these countries to circumvent the freedoms of individuals and violate their privacy, as well as other fundamental rights.

Some funds were thus used to train the Police in North Africa wiretapping, monitoring social media users and decrypting intercepted internet content.

In the Balkans, similar funds have been allocated to provide authorities with wiretapping equipment and to build biometric identification systems.

Android 12 est disponible en version finale sur les Pixel (à partir du 3)

After month of beta, the new version of Google’s mobile operating system launches. She signs the return of the associated small name, with Snow Cone in this case.

Android 12 AOSP was as a reminder available in final version since the beginning of the month, this publication was therefore expected and coincides with the launch of Pixel 6 (Pro). Google offers a list of new features, which we have also detailed according to the preview.

Android 11 is rolling out as of today on Pixels 3, 4 and 5. It “ will arrive on smartphones Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi and later this year ”.

  • Android 12 available in beta, with changes at all floors

Capsule habitable Starliner : Boeing et la NASA ne savent toujours pas ce qui se passe…

While she was due to take off for her second test in August (after failing her attempt to reach the International Space Station late 2019), the test had been tee canceled a few hours before launch.

  • Boeing has a series of setbacks with its Starliner habitable capsule

Since the problem was discovered, Boeing has still not been able to identify the root cause of the crash of 13 from 20 Propulsion system valves in the closed position during routine pre-mission activities , ”TechCrunch explains.

Two valves were taken apart and handed over to the Marshall Space Flight Center. They will be closely examined there in order to try to understand what is going on. The next mission is still awaited for the first semester 2020, a schedule of the most waves.

Steve Stich, director of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, remains confident that Boeing’s Starliner capsule will fly soon, so the United States will have of two spaceships (with Crew Dragon of SpaceX).

Our colleagues specify that he adds that the cost of the investigation on the valves and the delay at launch “ will be supported by Boeing, and not by NASA ”.

Ventoy 1.0.55 permet aussi de contourner les restrictions de Windows 11

The new version of the tool allowing to create Multi-ISO USB keys provide some improvements, such as the ability to inject a script that will run automatically (Autorun) as part of a Windows installation.

But it’s another novelty that will not fail to talk this week, with the possibility of using a new parameter in the JSON configuration file: VTOY_WIN 11 _ BYPASS_CHECK .

When set to 1, it adds different keys of registry to override the CPU, storage, memory, Secure Boot and TPM limitations of the Windows installation 11. There is nothing more to do .

As a reminder, many open source tools have emerged for this purpose recently, this is particularly the case of Rufus since its version 3. 16.

  • Download Ventoy

Ventoy: the multi-platform USB multiboot , customizable, easy and open source

Indépendance dans le cloud : Alibaba annonce son CPU ARM et ouvre son RISC-V

AWS devient sponsor de cURL

In recent years, we have been able to see that large open source projects sometimes lacked resources, human or financial, although they are operated on a daily basis by the entire ecosystem, especially in the cloud.

Since then, we have regularly seen large companies announce their participation or support for a particular project. A few days ago, we learned that AWS was becoming a sponsor of cURL.

A payment of 500 000 dollars was thus made via the GitHub platform, which should allow the team to move forward calmly on its projects.

La redevance copie privée sur le reconditionné ? Le « joker » de Barbara Pompili Credits: photospower / iStock

If our digital footprint harms our environment, how can we limit it? ”asks an Internet user during an exchange organized yesterday on“ ways of ecology ”. Response from Barbara Pompili: “ stop buying new laptops, take reconditioned laptops. The digital fingerprint is 60% … it is the manufacture of telephones and computers . So please get some refurbished.

Reaction of journalist Hugo Clément: “ and that is why the” tax “on refurbished laptops has been increased? “” So that, I will answer “Joker” “, reacts the Minister of Ecological Transition (1h 11 of the video). Despite the mobilization of the sector, it is today that the sustainable development committee in the Senate should validate, in the bill aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology, the extension of the private copying levy on repackaged media. .

If at first reading, the senators had excluded these goods from this field, they should finally side with the deputies, who had preferred a government amendment enshrining this subjugation . A real performance for the lobbyists of rights holders: transforming the reduction of the digital environmental footprint into an increase in the cultural footprint on the environment.

Freebox Server 4.5.1 : des bugs en moins

The version that comes from ‘to be published does not bring anything new, except that “ the soft restart now triggers the shutdown of the VMs, which then have approximately 10 seconds to turn off cleanly before forced shutdown ”for the Delta offer box.

So it’s mainly a question of fixes, for OpenVPN, Let’s Encrypt, the default size of some windows, etc. But there remains “ a display problem on the Freebox Delta lines at 003 Gb / s indicates that the maximum speed is 1Gb / s, while the connection is indeed at 003 Gb / s, it will soon be corrected ”.

Pairing of a new application is now possible from the local network when no application is paired (new or reset box); pairing via mafreebox.freebox.fr will soon disappear, it will be necessary to go through the API domain discovered via mDNS ”also specifies Free.

The Wi-Fi repeater is also updated in passing. Its version 1.7.2 improves stability and fixes a problem “ preventing Freebox WiFi Repeaters from fully connecting to Freeboxes (box animation detected then red led) ”.

Scaleway réinitialise de vieilles clés API, les droits avancés (IAM) « dans les prochaines semaines »

This concerns those created before 16 July 2020 indicates the support account on Twitter. The expiration will take effect on next December. It suffices to “ simply create new keys before this date ” he adds, without giving details of the reason for this procedure. .

Asked about the subject, he tells us that the customers concerned have been contacted individually and refers us to the status site which gives some details: this concerns rights management advanced (IAM).

Arnaud de Bermingham has since confirmed this to us, stating that these are eagerly awaited and should go into production within a few weeks.

Un nouvel appel à l'abandon des poursuites contre Julian Assange Credits: takver (CC BY-SA 2.0) Freebox Server 4.5.1 : des bugs en moins

A coalition of more than two dozen groups press freedom, civil liberties and international human rights advocate, including RSF, reiterates its call for an end to the prosecution of Julian Assange, saying the demand is now even more urgent due to recent reports that the CIA conspired to kidnap – and possibly kill – the journalist.

In February, members of this coalition had written to the Acting Attorney General, urging that the criminal charges against Mr. Assange be dropped “, she explains.

We are now renewing this request with even greater urgency, in light of a recent Yahoo News article describing alarming discussions within the CIA and the Trump administration “considering” spying on WikiLeaks associates on a large scale, sowing discord among group members and stealing their electronic devices ”. She recalls that “ journalists regularly engage in a large part of the behavior described in the indictment: talking with sources, asking for clarification or more documentation, and receiving and publish official secrets “.

It is precisely this is why the New York Times and the Washington Post – who are not fans of Assange – denounced the accusations against him in the strongest terms ”, specifies Parker Higgins , advocacy director for the group: “ the US prosecution of Julian Assange is a threat to press freedom around the world ”.


The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) upheld the decision, dated December 2020, to impose an administrative fine e of 450 000 euros to Twitter International Company.

The investigation was opened in January 2018 after a flaw was discovered, as part of a bug bounty program, the 26 December 2019. The flaw dated back to November 4 2014, but Twitter no ” informed the DPC of the personal data breach only on January 8 2018.

The decision concluded that he should have been informed of the violation by January 3 2019. Near 90 000 users were affected.

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