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Kari Lake- New app launch, life, career and more

Kari Ann Lake was born on August 23, 1969, is an American politician and former television news journalist. She has served at Phoenix television KSAZ-TV for 22 years and decided to leave this profession in March 2021.


The former journalist launched her new app called “Kari Lake

Republican and Trump countersign candidate for Arizona governor, Kari lake announced that she has launched her new app called” Kari Lake” that is easily accessible in Google Play and Apple Store during an interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn on Friday.

Lake said that this app will give a platform to supporters to follow news related to her campaign in case her platform gets cancelled due to any issue. This app will be helpful for the public.

Kari Lake a favorite at CPAC 2022


Kari Lake at CPAC 2022

During an interview, Glen figured out that Kari lake was one of the most popular figures at CPAC this weekend and also remarked on the public’s view “People love you”. Lake answered back that,”The feeling is common. She loves the people here at these norms, they are regular people, mothers and fathers from all over the region, who are in and out of the game. They feel that they have to get into if we are going to save this great country”.

On Top of that Kari lake gave a glimpse that how her life had changed since CPAC 2021 when she was on the verge of resigning from her long-time career as a news anchor in Arizona. She said that there was no way to save it. It has become so wicked and dishonourable.

After a week of CPAC, Lake posted a video letting the people of Arizona understand why she resigned from her job in the media.

Lake also shared a video that was intriguing, brought out many people to her praise and thanked her for being an unbiased journalist for so many years. She then announced she will give the elections a shot for the people and the Arizona government.

“We are excellent in all the polls by 40 per cent” Kari lake further highlighted.

Trump hails Lake as a ”Fantastic Person


On Feb 4th, Newsmax Greg Kelly Reports, Kari Lake discusses her interview with ABC Producer, and the video goes viral.

In September 2021, President Trump gave Kari Lake glowing support, calling her a fantastic person who can take on biased “Fake News Media”.

In addition, RSBN previously reported that Lake is the only candidate who can defeat Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs in the Arizona gubernatorial race. Data from a new data
Orbital Polling & Press Poll speculated that Lake is winning against Hobbs at 42.7 to a 41.4percent margin.

Lake is a bold lady and has won the hearts of countless potential conservative voters in the great Canyon State. Everyone is thanking them for their selfless dedication to America First Policies. Taking up arms against Covid related restrictions and securing the southern border. When the voters hit the poll in November, Lake is assured to capture the governorship in the victory for conservatives.

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