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Jungle in the fiber: 2.0 connected cabinets to try to limit the damage

Grinder vs smart lock: fight

Jungle dans la fibre : des armoires 2.0 connectées pour essayer de limiter les dégâts

Credits: Sébastien Gavois

Sébastien Gavois

By Sébastien Gavois

Tuesday 19 October 2021 To 14: 01

It is a fact, certain points of mutualization of the fiber optics look like disaster areas. To identify the culprits and make technicians accountable, companies offer connected locks and / or systems to monitor door openings. The question is whether this will be sufficient.

Fiber is being deployed at high speed in France, with millions of additional eligible lines each year. Subscriptions follow the same trend and, for the first time, the number of very high speed customers (19 Mb / s or more for download) exceeds that of broadband. FTTH is obviously the main driver.

During the summer school of the THD, on the other hand, the actors portrayed a file which is far from being all rosy. The main point of tension concerns the connection of end customers with STOC mode. To put it simply, this leads to a chain of subcontractors, with all the excesses that one can imagine, both among customers and in the cabinets (or pooling points, alias PM).

New STOC v2 contracts between operators and subcontractors have been put in place to try to resolve the problem … but not yet with everyone to the chagrin of the government and the regulator (Arcep) . Several third-party companies have been working on solutions to try to limit the damage. We were able to interact with some of them to discover their ideas and their sometimes very different approaches.

But that will not solve everything, as Lionel Recorbet (president of XP Fiber) told us, “ a technician who wants to make a faulty workmanship, he will not play the game ”. It was then a question of STOC v2 mode, but it could just as well happen with connected cabinets.

Our dossier on the THD summer school:

    • The deployment of optical fiber in the face of the harsh (and sad) reality on the ground
  • France THD Plan: settlement of accounts at OK Corral
  • Jungle in the fiber: connected cabinets to try to limit the damage

    G’Access: a connected lock with NFC, sensors, LoRa and Sigfox


To note :

As part of the production of this article, we went to the THD summer school in Saint-Etienne. InfraNum took care of part of our transport, accommodation and catering on site. In accordance with our ethical commitments, this was done without any editorial obligation on our part, without interference from InfraNum.