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Jean-Michel Jarre praises the emergence of a “French metaverse”

In a column published in the JDD, the musician known for his committed positions in the field of the fight against piracy, indicates that it is “ urgent to acquire our autonomy in the fields of production and dissemination of immersive technologies “.

For him,” we must not abandon them to Mark Zuckerberg “Whose vision would already be” dated “. “ A French and European metaverse should bring together a set of platforms and actors in the fields of virtual reality, augmented or extended, artificial intelligence, and an independent cloud ” .

A project that has already funded up to 200 million euros by the Ministry of Culture he welcomes, a “ priming ”. Thus, these millions “ well distributed among relevant and experienced players in the technology sector and immersive productions ” should allow us to “ become extremely competitive in the world ”.

Of course, he specifies that this French metaverse will have to “ also take into account the subjects of training in the new professions of sound and music, which will generate dozens of thousands of jobs. Let’s never forget, the ears open the eyes ”.

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