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IAB Europe: the Belgian CNIL sends its draft decision to its European counterparts

One more step towards the decision of the lead authority against the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe). The Belgian Data Protection Authority sent its European counterparts its draft decision.

It was in 2019 that it was referred of a series of complaints. They all doubt “ the compliance of the TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework) with the GDPR ”. Its press release recalls that “ the TCF, developed by IAB Europe, aims to contribute to the compliance with the GDPR of the OpenRTB protocol, which was developed by IAB Tech Lab ”.

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This protocol is part of Real-Time Bidding, namely “ automated and instantaneous online auction for the sale and purchase of advertising space on Internet ”.

27 of the European authorities“ have indicated their desire to participate in the procedure as the authorities concerned, which clearly demonstrates the importance of this file ”notes the Belgian CNIL, which is not more talkative, the procedure being confidential at this time. Within four weeks, they will be able to comment on this draft decision.

Either they do not raise any objection, “ and the decision can therefore be finalized as is ”. Either they raise relevant and reasoned objections, in which case the DPA will submit a revised version to them, or they “ will not consider the objection to be reasoned or relevant, which could trigger the settlement mechanism. disputes provided for in article 65 RGPD ”.

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