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Google issues wishlist for political advertising framing

If Google takes the hat off to the Digital Services Act proposal and the Commission’s action plan for European democracy, it is above all to take advantage of it to express some wishes. The giant calls in particular for a clear definition of the expression “ political advertisements “, and wishes to benefit from clear examples of its scope.

Without clear definitions, different companies will adopt inconsistent and contradictory policies, confusing advertisers and compromising transparency for citizens ” . Still in the event of fog in the terms used, the G of GAFA fears that publications of NGOs on questions of public interest or those of individuals speaking on social issues will be affected by this future regulation.

Google also wants clearer responsibilities for platforms and advertisers, the latter being considered by the American company as the best placed to validate the identities of the people behind the ads. It calls for more legal certainty in the regulations, the only way to help candidates, campaigns, advertisers, publishers and platforms to better understand the scope of these provisions and the specific obligations resulting from them.

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