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Freebox Server 4.5.1: fewer bugs

The version which has just been published does not bring anything new, except that “ the software restart now triggers the shutdown of the VMs, which have then approximately 10 seconds to turn off cleanly before the forced shutdown ”for the Delta offer box.

So it’s mainly a question of fixes, for OpenVPN, Let’s Encrypt, the default size of some windows, etc. But there remains “ a display problem on the Freebox Delta lines at 10 Gb / s indicates that the maximum speed is 1Gb / s, while the connection is indeed at 10 Gb / s, it will soon be corrected “.

Pairing of a new application is now possible from the local network when no application is paired (new box or reset ); pairing via mafreebox.freebox.fr will soon disappear, it will be necessary to go through the API domain discovered via mDNS ”also specifies Free.

The Wi-Fi repeater is also updated by the way. Its version 1.7.2 improves stability and fixes a problem “ preventing Freebox WiFi repeaters from fully connecting to Freeboxes (box animation detected then red led) “.