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Fiber and “reception” infrastructures: towards a referral from Arcep to correct “market anomalies”?

In a written question spotted by Alexandre Archambault, Jacques Grosperrin (LR) challenges the government on “ the saturation of Orange’s civil engineering infrastructure in many cities, mainly in very dense urban areas “.

He adds that, faced with this situation,” the use of other infrastructures reception (such as heating networks, visitable sewers, etc.) thus seems inevitable for all telecom operators ”.

However, despite the clearly formalized obligations in articles L. 34 – 8-2-1 and L. 34 – 8-2-2 of the Code of Civil Enforcement Procedures, several reception infrastructure managers do not seem to have wholesale offers at reasonable conditions allowing access to their reception infrastructure (ducts, adduction of plots, pylons, etc.) ”. These are notably the cases of RATP, Aéroports de Paris and the Autoroutes companies (Vinci, Sanef, APRR).

This situation inevitably leads to the creation of local monopolies, to slow down the deployment of new networks to stimulate the retail market targeting companies and public institutions, and thus to slow down the progression of competition ”, adds the senator.

He therefore wishes to know whether referral to ARCEP and the competition authority “ is envisaged in the short term to correct these market anomalies ”. This question has no answer at the moment.

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