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Euclidia calls for a moratorium on cloud strategies

The organization, which says it brings together “ 26 European companies creating cloud technologies with headquarters in Europe “, wants harmonization and a change of tone at European level.

While EUCLIDIA strongly supports the objective of strengthening Europe’s confidence and technological autonomy in cloud services used by governments, the alliance stresses that this objective requires a coherent and constructive dialogue with European companies to identify the main factors at play , ”the statement said.

For the organization, the problem with the French approach is to mix cybersecurity issues, through the SecNumCloud qualification, and that of the trusted Cloud put forward by the government since this summer. “ The confidence and technological autonomy of European cloud services cannot be gained by neglecting the legal and practical impacts of licensing software developed by non-European entities ” she adds, citing the need for a risk assessment.

She also wants governments to require “ full and immediate ” access to the source codes of third-party solutions they use. “ They should also have the irrevocable right to continue using this code in the event of a change or withdrawal of license “, pointing here to the problem of the evolution over time of relations with partners and the difficulty of switching from one solution to another.

A complete FAQ detailing the position is available here.