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EOL, the Legal Offer Extension of the Hadopi

On the sidelines of the Dijon Cinematographic Meetings, we learned that Hadopi is developing a plug-in to indicate to Internet users whether the site on which they are surfing is “ respectful of copyright ”.

This extension will simply compare the address of the site visited to the list of labeled sites. “ A green color appears when the site you are browsing is referenced by Hadopi and respects copyright. A gray color appears when the site you are browsing is not referenced by Hadopi. This does not mean, however, that it does not respect copyright ”, warns the presentation note.

If the Internet user considers that this site nevertheless respects copyright, it is possible to report its existence to Hadopi. “ The extension complies with the GDPR: it does not record or send any browsing data of its users to Hadopi or third parties

The project is much less ambitious than that dreamed of by the deputy Franck Riester, then rapporteur of the Hadopi law in 2009: a system of labeling on the engines to better identify the offer legal, or even over-reference it. A project that had aroused criticism from Google, before being reduced to the online publication of a simple portal …

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