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Donald Trump nominates Blake Masters for the Arizona Senate primary elections

Former President Donald Trump has extended his endorsement for Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters. Having put a long and successful career in business on hold, Masters announced his candidacy for the Arizona Senate race on July 12, 2021, promoting himself as “an America first conservative”.

Trump announces Masters’ endorsement in lengthy email

Former President Donald Trump announced his support for the Thiel Foundation President last week, in a lengthy email, describing Masters as a “great modern-day thinker”, saying he is “honoured” to endorse him.

“Blake Masters is one of the most successful businessmen and investors in the Country, having led a multibillion-dollar firm that invests in new technology and many other emerging companies. In addition, he runs a nonprofit foundation that promotes science and innovation.  In other words, he is a great modern-day thinker!  A graduate of Stanford University and Stanford University Law School, a fantastic student, Blake is also the author of The New York Times bestseller, ‘Zero to One.’” said the former president in an email to supporters. “Despite having such an amazing business career and wonderful family, Blake has decided that he wants to make a difference for the people of our Country, and is therefore running for the United States Senate from the Great State of Arizona.” -the email further stated.

Blake Masters has received the coveted Trump-endorsement for Arizona senate race
Blake Masters has received the coveted Trump endorsement for the Arizona senate race

“Blake is Strong on Border Security, in particular, the disastrous Southern Border where people are pouring into the U.S. by the millions, and destroying our Country.  Just two years ago, with the help of the Wall, we had the Strongest Border in the history of our Country, and now we have the weakest—Blake will turn that around quickly. Additionally, he will Cut Taxes and Regulations, be Tough on Crime, and Support our Military and our Vets.  Blake will fight for our totally under-siege Second Amendment, and WIN!” he said before calling another Republican in the primary, Mark Brnovich, a “disappointment.”

“It is my great honour to give Blake Masters my Complete and Total Endorsement!” he stated further in the email.

Trump & Blake Masters
Trump & Blake Masters

A Trafalgar poll of likely GOP voters in 2022 that was recently conducted, showed Jim Lamon in the lead with 24.8% of the support, followed by Mark Brnovich with 23.9% of support, and finally, Blake Masters trailing with 19.4% support.

Undecided voters accounted for 20.6 per cent of the total. Masters is likely hoping that Trump’s endorsement will result in widespread support from those voters. The poll had 1,064 respondents, a margin of error of 2.99 per cent, and a confidence level of 95 per cent.

Power of Trump’s endorsement comes through, McCormick concedes

The Pennsylvania primary was finally decided on Friday, with Trump endorsed Mehmet Oz nominated as the Republican candidate for the Senate, while his opponent Dave McCormick conceded.

“Today I called Mehmet Oz to congratulate him on his victory,” McCormick said to a crowd on Friday afternoon. “It’s now clear to me with the recount now largely complete that we have a nominee,” he said at a campaign party that was held at a Pittsburgh hotel. “Tonight is really about all us coming together,” he said further, adding “I will do my part to try to unite Republicans and Pennsylvanians behind his candidacy, behind his nomination for the Senate.”

 Dave McCormick
Dave McCormick

The announcement on Friday sets up a general election between Oz, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, and Democrat John Fetterman in what is expected to be one of the country’s most competitive Senate races. The race could help decide who controls the tightly divided chamber. Fetterman, the state’s lieutenant governor, admitted in a statement earlier Friday that he nearly died when he suffered a stroke just days before his primary. He claimed he had ignored warning signs and a doctor’s advice to take blood thinners for years.

Oz had to overcome millions of dollars in attack ads as well as doubts among Trump supporters about his conservative credentials on guns, abortion, transgender rights, and other key Republican issues.

McCormick for Pennsylvania senate
McCormick for Pennsylvania senate

Oz, 61, is a Harvard-educated heart surgeon, New York Times bestselling author, and self-proclaimed wellness advocate best known as the host of the daytime television show The Dr Oz Show. He had to overcome a barrage of attack ads as well as doubts among Trump’s most ardent supporters about his conservative credentials on guns, abortion, transgender rights, and other key Republican issues.

He cited Trump’s endorsement as proof of his conservative credentials, while Trump attacked Oz’s opponents and claimed that Oz has the best chance of winning in the presidential battleground state in November.


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