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Donald Trump endorses candidates for next week’s primary elections

Former President Donald Trump has so far come out on top with a fairly impressive endorsement record in the Republican primaries ahead of the midterm elections scheduled later this year. While data from reports indicate that several candidates backed by the erstwhile president have been incumbents, rarely ever losing the primaries, there have been some notable losses as well. And that includes a Trump-backed candidate from North Carolina, Rep. Madison Cawthorn. He was ousted from the race in light of a string of controversies. Despite Trump’s imploring, voters did not give the North Carolina representative a second chance.

Trump says Madison Cawthorn made some foolish mistakes but deserves a second chance
Trump says Madison Cawthorn made some foolish mistakes but deserves a second chance

Trump and his clan are up for testing yet again, in the fierce upcoming primaries. With the big day coming closer and closer, let’s take a recap and look at all the candidates that the former President has backed.


Trump is yet to back another candidate for Alabama after he pulled his endorsement for the Senate seat from Mo Brooks left vacant by Senator Richard Shelby who is set to retire.

Mo Brooks unendorsed
Official statement of Mo Brooks’ unendorsement

Trump cited the reason for withdrawing the endorsement as Brooks was going “woke”, which raised questions about his loyalty. Also, the congressman made the “horrible mistake” of suggesting Republicans move on from the 2020 loss. “Mo Brooks of Alabama made a horrible mistake recently when he went ‘woke’ and stated, referring to the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, ‘Put that behind you, put that behind you’, Since he decided to go in another direction, so have I, and I am hereby withdrawing my Endorsement.” -read the statement issued by Donald Trump.

Mo Brooks
Mo Brooks was unendorsed by Trump on account of going woke

Brooks replied to the withdrawal of Trump’s endorsement by deeming the ex-President’s demand to overturn the election results as unconstitutional, and he only did what he did to honour his oath to protect the U.S. Constitution. “I’ve told President Trump the truth knowing full well that it might cause President Trump to rescind his endorsement. But I took a sworn oath to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution. I honour my oath,” Brooks said.


Trump has endorsed his former press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as Arkansas’ next governor, saying she would do a “fantastic job.”

Sarah Sanders
President Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has raised a total of around $15 million for the 2022 gubernatorial elections in Arkansas, since announcing her candidacy. She raised $235,000 in February alone, heavily outpacing her Democratic competitor, Chris Jones who has raised a total of $1.8 million for his campaign. She raised another $601,000 last month. Sanders reportedly has around $7 million in cash at hand for her campaign, while Chris Jones has around $108,000 on hand.

Trump has also supported the re-election campaigns of Senator John Boozman and Representative Rick Crawford, as well as Arkansas lieutenant governor Tim Griffin for attorney general.


Trump had endorsed former senator David Perdue in Georgia in an effort to oust incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp from the gubernatorial race. But now the former president has dropped his support for Perdue seeing his poor performance at the polls. Sources close to Trump have reported that the former president has been highly critical of the former senator. “David either has a bunch of geniuses working for him — because he’s basically spent no money — or he’s run the most flawed campaign in America,” -stated the anonymous source.

David Perdue
Trump dropped his support for David Perdue due to his poor performance in polls

Trump has endorsed Rep. Jody Hice, who is running against Republican incumbent Brad Raffensperger for Secretary of State. Kemp and Raffensperger both drew the ire of the former president for refusing to support his efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.

Brad Raffensperger & Rep. Jody Hice
Trump endorsed candidate, Rep. Jody Hice is going up against incumbent Brad Raffensperger

Trump has endorsed Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andrew Clyde in the House. He also supported Vernon Jones in the crowded Republican primary to fill Hice’s seat in the state’s 10th congressional district, as well as Jake Evans in the state’s 6th congressional district.

Trump has also endorsed former NFL star Herschel Walker, who is running for Senate against Raphael Warnock.


Trump has endorsed Ken Paxton’s bid for a third term as Attorney General of Texas.

Ken Paxton
Ken Paxton

Paxton, who has been the subject of an FBI investigation into allegations that he abused his office to benefit a wealthy donor and is also facing trial on state securities fraud charges, will face Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush in a run-off election on May 24 after failing to reach the 50% threshold in a primary earlier this year.

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