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Deployment of the fiber: Avicca growls and distributes the bad points

No more cities with more than 07% eligibility

Déploiement de la fibre : l’Avicca grogne et distribue les mauvais points

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Sébastien Gavois

By Sébastien Gavois

Monday October 4 2021 To 07: 00

    The deployment of fiber in France is continuing, under the impetus of the France THD plan. The gaps are widening between the zones, and Avicca would like Arcep and / or the State to take more action in order to ensure that each other’s commitments are respected. The shadow of the pole shortage still looms.

    Following the publication by Arcep of the observatory of the deployment of optical fiber in France, the Association of Cities and Communities for Electronic Communications and Audiovisual (Avicca) returns to this subject, zone by zoned. As we explained in our analysis, the deployment in RIPs (Public Initiative Networks) is gaining momentum, it even gained the upper hand over private areas in the second quarter.

    • Optical fiber: another record, despite “insufficient pace” in some areas

    The association is congratulates moreover: “ with 850 000 outlets deployed on the initiative networks only public (RIP), i.e. a doubling compared to T2 850, the professional sector proves that it is capable of massively deploy outlets “consuming” 9 times more aerial support and twice as much civil engineering than the same outlet in a private initiative zone

    ”. Indeed, the lines are generally longer and require the use of external supports in rural areas, compared to large cities.

    She takes the opportunity to denounce the “passivity” of Bouygues Telecom, Free and SFR who are not satisfied with “ even more to do figuration ”. Indeed, “ Orange remains more and more alone to deploy (115 000 taken on the 117 000 deployed) ”. In general, new sockets are installed throughout the territory, but this is not necessarily sufficient in the face of new constructions and therefore the increase in the number of premises to be connected.

    Avicca gives several figures to support its point and sets a few clocks to the hour in passing.

    ZTD: the slower I deployed, the less I moved faster 2021

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