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Cybermoi / s: “think before you click” and think about your passwords

LeBrief of October 1 2021


Cybermoi/s : « réfléchissez avant de cliquer » et pensez à vos mots de passe

It returns every year at the same time as Pink October, the campaign intended to raise awareness about breast cancer. As we explained in our dossier on cybersecurity in Europe, this event – dubbed European Cybersecurity Month in Europe and Cybermoi / s in France – was launched by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity.

  • A short history of cybersecurity in Europe, avenues for the future
  • The theme of this ninth edition is: “ Think before you click

      ”… a point on which we can only agree. In France, ANSSI wants you to take advantage of the month of October to learn how to “ better protect Passwords “. Here again, we have devoted some files to this subject.

    • Choose a good password: the rules to know, the pitfalls to avoid

    • Passwords: we help you choose the manager you need