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Cowboys For Trump Founder Charged by Judge’s Split Verdict

On Tuesday, a split Verdict was delivered by the Federal judge to the Founder of the group Cowboys For Trump who was said to be a second defendant to play a major role in the U.S Capitol riot on the 6th of January.


A county commissioner named Couy Griffin, in New Mexico was arrested approximately 10 days after the Capital riot and was also charged for entering the restricted grounds and also for not following the Code Of Conduct.

Judge’s Verdict On Griffin

In his ruling Tuesday, Griffin was found guilty by judge Trevor Mcfedden but the judge did not find him guilty of not following the code of Conduct as the Judge believes that it was a failure on the side of the Government.

When Griffin was sentenced in the month of June he had to face one year of jail and a huge amount of fine as well.

Couy Griffin

Couy Griffin was not permitted to enter the Capitol building physically nor was he allowed to participate in any sort of violence. But he climbed over the walls and broke all the barriers at an area near President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

As per the investigation that took place, Griffin was present there for almost an hour and cheered up the crowd leading a prayer.

The argument which was put forward by Griffin’s attorney is that Griffin should be released as there was no proof of Pence to be present in the restricted area when Griffin was present at the moment.

Couy Griffin

Previously the Government thought that information related to Pence’s location could be quite sensitive if released in the open forum. But gradually the Government thought it to be the key to the case.

U.S assistant attorney Kimberly Paschall was also the target of judge McFadden over the surveillance video which showed Pence’s location as well. But eventually, it did not work out in the favor of Griffin as Capitol Police were not allowed to share the video with the third party.

The bottom line

Jan 6 Riot

Instead of facing the jury, Couy Griffin chose to leave his fate on Judge McFadden an appointee of Donald Trump who had raised questions regarding the Justice Department in the past with regards to the January 6 riot.







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