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Cloudflare announces its Research Hub

For the moment, this is more of a communication exercise than anything else, but the company knows how to communicate effectively. His technical tickets are often appreciated and there is a card to play: if the public wants technical, Cloudflare will give them some.

The most interesting in the ad is not so much the result as the process that led to its creation. The company asked itself many questions, for example when first considering Docusaurus: Should a static site use JavaScript? Is a SPA (Single Page Application) the best solution? Is there a need for a generic CSS framework?

As described by Cloudflare, these questions led to others, especially on the use of client-side scripts: why not get rid of JavaScript? There was no need for dynamic content and deployment could be done through Cloudflare Pages. The company wanted developers to be able to click through the page and see readable source code.

research.cloudflare.com is a work in progress, whose mission is above all to concentrate all the technical articles that Cloudflare devotes to its advances. After clicking on Latest Research Updates , you will find articles on Web3 and the vision of a decentralized web, the gradual disappearance of CAPTCHA, the possibility for quantum computing to break TLS, or the arrival of ECH to replace ESNI.