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Clever Cloud calls on government to consider software

If the startup says to take “ note with interest of the industrial pillar of the national strategy for the cloud detailed this Tuesday by Cédric O ” and to greet “ the Government’s desire to bring out European and French champions of innovation ”, it remains vigilant on matters that directly concern it.

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Because with the licensing strategy at the heart of the mechanics of the trusted Cloud label, it is software (and hardware) from foreign companies that we will use to operate services invoiced by French companies. However, providing software to deploy applications and services is precisely the heart of the activity of Clever Cloud and other PaaS players such as Platform.sh or Scalingo.

The company thus recalls “ that it remains essential to promote and support French know-how in terms of deployment software in the cloud. Digital sovereignty cannot be based on the purchase and resale of licenses for such American or Asian key software

This branch of the cloud was recalled completely put aside in the initial announcements of May around the new cloud strategy of the State, although its services regularly use it, in particular with French actors.

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Faced with the outcry, the government has nevertheless revised its language and now cites PaaS in its various interventions, even if they do not are not considered of such capital importance as larger players like OVHcloud which is presented as an example to follow: critical size, qualified SecNumCloud, listed on the stock exchange.

Cédric O has also said it on numerous occasions: the government wants French and European champions. One way of saying that a diversity of small players, whether or not associated with larger hosting providers, is not the type of market that has its favors? In any case, a movement towards concentration does not seem to have started in France, each working on its own technical solution.

But does this mean that it will come about by force of circumstances, the independent PaaS finding themselves in front of the American hyperscalers and the large European hosts? In any case, Clever Cloud says it remains “ obviously and fully mobilized with its partners and with its customers to offer the cloud solutions of the future, designed in France and in Europe. We are confident that the national cloud strategy will evolve towards this common objective ”. From the pure press release.

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