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Casino is also launching into quick-commerce, products “delivered in a few minutes”

A few days after the announcement of Carrefour Sprint (with Uber Eats and Cajoo) for a delivery in less than 15 minutes of daily products, c It is the turn of Casino and Gorillas to embark on quick-commerce in France.

The Casino group gives Gorillas access to its national brand products and Monoprix brand products These products will be available on the Gorillas platform and delivered in a few minutes, in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nice ”.

Secondly, the Casino group will rely on the unique technological and operational expertise of Gorillas, which will ensure from its stores in France the preparation and ultra-fast delivery of orders in line, passed by customers on Monoprix and Franprix’s own platforms ”.

The merger between the two partners will go further since it is planned that the Casino group takes “ a stake in the capital of Gorillas in France and at Group level in Germany ”.

Finally, the press release specifies that “ the conclusion of this strategic partnership must take place before the end of the year 2021 “.

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