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Carrefour Sprint: everyday products delivered in less than 15 minutes, with Uber Eats

This new “ quick commerce ” service was launched yesterday and is a continuation of the merger between Carrefour and Uber announced in April 2020. The delivery was then announced in 30 minutes on average. From now on, nearly 2 000 food and non-food products (fruits and vegetables, ready-made meals, frozen foods, drinks, hygiene and maintenance and Carrefour brand products) can be ” delivered in less than 15 minutes exclusively by Uber Eats ”.

The start-up Cajoo – specialized in delivery in 15 minutes – will thus operate “ the preparation of Carrefour Sprint orders, in addition to its own orders ” . This is a new stage “ in the cooperation between the two players, only a few weeks after the announcement of Carrefour’s acquisition of a stake in the startup “, explains the brand. large distribution.

Carrefour Sprint will initially cover all of intramural Paris as well as Boulogne, Neuilly and Levallois via the Uber Eats application thanks to the set of Cajoo’s dark store network then will be available by the end of the year in at least 5 other cities, namely Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille, and Montpellier

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