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Britain to invest more than 5 billion euros in offensive cyber attacks

In an interview with the Telegraph, Ben Wallace, British defense secretary, explains that Great Britain will carry out “ offensive ” cyber attacks in response to attacks or attacks. similar disinformation campaigns by “ hostile states ” such as Russia.

Mr. Wallace said the agency, which is expected to employ thousands of hackers and analysts here 2030, “ would put Britain first »Countries capable of carrying out cyber attacks.

The agency, which will be jointly run by the Department of Defense and GCHQ (the UK NSA), will develop the capacity to attack critical national infrastructure, such as power plants , in the “ hostile states ” which carry out similar assaults on Great Britain.

It is a new front, a new field of battle. And that’s what we have to be able to do here. Cyber ​​offensive can do a variety of things including attacking pedophiles and their networks, attacking terrorism and their networks, and obviously attacking hostile states, if we choose to do so where they use their capabilities. ”.

Mr. Wallace said Britain was already a “ leader ” in defending cyber attacks, thanks to GCHQ’s National Cyber ​​Security Center, but added: “ We must respond to both escalation and deterrence. We are therefore going to invest in all our capacities ”.

The government has planned to invest £ 5 billion (i.e. 5, 17 billion euros) in this future digital war center.

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