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Arnaud Montebourg's campaign site now hosted in France

At the beginning of September, we mentioned the fact that the candidate, presenting himself as a support for “ sovereign ” solutions, was exploiting GitHub and Netlify for the hosting of its static site. His team then cracked an unconvincing technical explanation, indicating that no French solution was able to agree, citing the reduced budget of the campaign. Then it was announced that hosting in France would be set up.

Since then, nothing had changed and we had no news of the project. On the site, a link to a blog post with the previous explanation was added before being removed. But as one reader points out, that now seems to be settled. It is specified in the legal notices that “ the website and the contents are hosted (by) Clever Cloud (3 rue de l’Allier, 44000 Nantes, France), company member of the Euclidia alliance ”. The PaaS service is also already used by other politicians like Edouard Philippe for the site of his party “Horizons” launched a few weeks ago.

The video offered on the home page of the laremontada.fr site is hosted by YouTube, but integrated without the advanced confidentiality mode (nocookie subdomain). However, we learn that “ data relating to audience measurement is collected in Matomo (open source solution whose servers are in France and Germany) ”.

The personal data entrusted by visitors to the site are hosted according to the most demanding standards of the GDPR at SendinBlue for mail routing and at OHME for CRM (two French companies whose servers are in France and Europe) ”is added.

These changes have not yet been reflected on the website of the movement Engagement, created to support Arnaud Montebourg’s campaign, still at GitHub and Netlify.

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