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Arcep: Ghislain Heude is deputy director of the “Fiber, infrastructures and territories” department

It will therefore be just below Olivier Corolleur, who took the reins of this direction only a few days ago.

A graduate of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Lyon and the Institut Mines Télécom Business School, he has already spent several years at Arcep over the years 2000, before joining the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the Very Broadband mission, of which he was director.

The Authority points out that its “Fiber, infrastructures and territories” department is responsible for “ the regulation of the high and very high fixed-speed broadband markets, which include in particular the offers used by network operators and wholesale offers used to provide very high speed broadband services in the retail market ”.

As we had the opportunity to detail in a file recently, there is work on this subject…

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