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ANSSI launches its Observatory of cybersecurity professions

In order to “ better understand the cyber job market ” and in partnership with AFPA, the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems is drawing up a robot portrait of “ Cybersecurity Profiles “.

The idea? “ Better understand the challenges facing professionals and recruiters ” while going beyond “ clichés ”, using more objective data. “ Who to recruit, what are the types of profiles and jobs, what training courses to follow or which sectors are recruiting? “asks Guillaume Poupard, Director General of ANSSI.

The typical profile is that of a man (89% among professionals) living in Île-de-France (54%) or in Brittany, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Nouvelle-Aquitaine (25%). “ The majority of cybersecurity professionals (73%) work in the private sector against only 22% in the public sector, 3% as an independent or self-employed person and 1% in associations (1% not specified)

Three-quarters are Bac + 5 (or equivalent), but 47% “ do not have a diploma or certification specializing in cybersecurity ”. Almost half have less than 5 years of seniority. “ Three profiles are particularly sought after by employers: cybersecurity engineer, cybersecurity consultant and cybersecurity architect. On their own, they represent 52% of open market offers ”.

A sector with strong wage differentials: “ While the majority of cybersecurity professionals (50%) receive between 25 000 € and 64 999 € gross per year, 000 % receive less than 25 gross per year and 12% touch 100 000 € or more gross per year ”.

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