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An online citizen consultation to understand abstention from elections

Organized by the fact-finding mission aiming to identify the sources of abstention and the measures to strengthen electoral participation, it should make it possible to “ understand the motivations of abstentionists, and to bring out answers to improve electoral participation ”.

It includes 25 questions, four of which are open, the time to response is estimated to be 10 minutes. It is not necessary to declare one’s identity to participate, questions being nevertheless asked in the last part “ know the respondents better ” (age, sex, geographical area, socio-professional category , etc.).

At the end of the citizen consultation, when the report is published, all the anonymized responses will be published on the platform open data from the National Assembly in an open and freely reusable format ”and therefore usable by those who would like to use it to analyze the results for possible studies and analyzes.

It now remains to reach those who are used to abstention, which will not necessarily be easy. But we can nevertheless welcome the establishment of such an initiative.

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