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American Future Board of Directors welcomes award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan

America’s Future Inc., a leading national organisation that advocates for the preservation of individual rights, promotion of American values and traditions and the protection of the nation’s the Constitutional Republic, announced yesterday in a press release that they have welcomed award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan to the Board of Directors.

“Honored to have Lara as a member of our Board”

Executive Director of America’s Future Mary O’Neill expressed her pleasure at having Logan on the team in a statement yesterday and said she is “honoured” to have Logan as a member of the Board of Directors.

“Lara is an American hero in her profession, a powerful voice in the fight for freedom and liberty around the world, and unafraid to stand up and speak out for what she believes,” said Mary O’Neill. “She is known for speaking up for the truth regardless of politics and we welcome her independent voice at America’s Future, which we believe makes us stronger. We are honoured to have Lara as a member of our Board and excited to be working with her in this leadership position.”

Mary O'Neil
Mary O’Neill

The Chairman of America’s Future Board General Michael T. Flynn USA (Ret.) said, “Lara is among America’s most courageous patriots who does not back down and will never quit the fight to save our nation from the tyranny at our doorstep. Her fearless and honest journalism is what America and the world need more of today. She stands firmly footed on the principles this country was founded upon with self-determination and truth as her guide. America’s Future is proud to have Lara on our team.”

About Lara Logan

Lara Logan is known worldwide for her fearless and candid reporting from places that are considered some of the most dangerous in the world in her role at “60 minutes” as well as her own investigative series titled “Lara Logan Has No Agenda”. She is known for providing extensive coverage on topics such as bias in the media, Mexican drug cartels and trafficking, and the dangers posed by the Big Tech companies.

Lara Logan says she was ‘pushed out’ of Fox News
Lara Logan is a South African television and radio journalist and war correspondent.

Lara has worked hard for decades, providing honest reporting on some of the most controversially prominent topics with a drive to search extensively for the truth, which has won her the heart and mind of the public. She approaches investigative journalism with profound passion, earning her almost every award there is in the field of journalism and reporting. Some of them include highly prestigious ones like DuPont-Columbia University Silver Baton, the Overseas Press Club, the Emmys and the RTNDA/ Edward R. Murrow Award, to name a few.

Lara is currently planning the launch of her new show and establishing the “Press Club of America” as a home for independent journalism that carries on the principles and standards of the past, while creating a solid foundation for the media moving forward, in addition to her work as a Board member for America’s Future and frequent commentary on news shows and podcasts on topics ranging from national security to terrorism, journalism, foreign affairs, and others.

Selection code
Selection Code

Lara is also directing a movie on the 2020 voter fraud case titled ‘Selection Code’, which was announced by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell at a rally a few days ago. The trailer for the movie was released on Saturday. Some time ahead of the rally, Lindell in conversation with a reporter revealed details about the movie. “This movie trailer is out today! The president’s gonna show it here at the rally. Our real president.” -he said, urging people to share it everywhere. “You need to share this trailer everywhere,” he said. “This movie… it’s Tina Peters’ story, but it’s also America’s story.” -he said.

Tina Peters is a Republican candidate for Secretary of State in Colorado. Tina famously exposed election fraud in 2020 while working as a Clerk Recorder. Tina made a backup copy of Mesa County’s voting machines, according to The Gateway Pundit. After she refused to allow election data from the county’s voting machines to be erased, the FBI raided her.

Lindell explained that the plot of the film revolves around “what’s inside” the voting machines used during the 2020 presidential election, which resulted in Joe Biden’s victory. “We have to terminate the machines,” he went on, “and we are going to do it.”

Film Exposing Voting Machine Corruption SELECTION CODE Announced by Mike Lindell
Film Exposing Voting Machine Corruption SELECTION CODE Announced by Mike Lindell

The MyPillow CEO also added that the movie will be released worldwide on July 16th and 187th, adding that it is directed by Lara Logan. “It’s over for them,” Lindell continued. “ES&S, Dominion, Smartmatic… it’s over.” He added, “The 2020 election will go down as the most important election in [the] history of the world…because God’s had his hand in this…”

Selection Code is the most recent attempt at letting people know the truth about the 2020 presidential election after the documentary by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza titled ‘2000 mules’.

About America’s Future Inc.

America’s Future, Inc., founded in 1946, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting every American’s individual rights as well as the Judeo-Christian values that make America exceptional. The organisation accomplishes its goals through educational and informational initiatives, strategic partnerships, communications, and networking opportunities that enable Americans to participate in the fight to preserve the American way of life for future generations.

America's Future Inc
America’s Future Inc

The official website of the organisation describes, “America’s Future is the nation’s leader in the fight to preserve American values and ideals, protect the nation’s Constitutional Republic, promote strong American families, revitalize the role of faith in our society, and advance the virtues of free-market capitalism. To fulfil its promise to the nation and We The People, America’s Future deploys all of its resources through educational and informational initiatives, strategic partnerships, communications and networking opportunities. Under a set of guiding principles, America’s Future strengthens American patriotism, reinforces American greatness, and re-establishes our founding fathers’ framework that America is “one nation, under God, of the people, for the people and by the people.”

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