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After two days of blackout, the CAF My Account is slowly coming back

In mid-September, the CNAF announced easier and more secure access to its site, with a redesign of the mobile application in the wake, video in support.

You will use your social security number to connect to the various services of your Caf. On this occasion, you will have to create a new password made up of letters and numbers ”warned the team.

Each member of the household could thus have his own space, with the possibility of giving access to his spouse for example. But this sharing of access has gone a little too far. We were thus informed that some beneficiaries could access a file that was not theirs.

Monday morning, the CNAF confirmed a problem and cut off access to the connection to the site, without saying more. At the beginning of the afternoon, she gave more details and published a press release, confirming that “ certain beneficiary files can be viewed by other beneficiaries. About 7 000 files were concerned for a few hours ”following a computer incident that occurred on Sunday around 21 hours.

The beneficiaries concerned will be informed individually. People who changed their password before Sunday 10 October at 21 hours are not affected by this incident », Specified the CNAF, which apologized and informed the CNIL.

Since then, the site indicates that the My account space is unavailable. “ Our technical teams are doing everything possible to restore the situation as soon as possible “, indicates a message dated yesterday, still posted this morning.

According to our findings, we can nevertheless connect or create an account. But it is probably wiser to wait until the announcement of a return to normal is made.

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