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After He Slips Back On In Bid To Dodge Ban Mike Lindell Bounced Off Twitter Again

On Sunday, Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, was quickly barred from using Twitter, again. This occurred just three- hours after he re-entered the platform, in an attempt to circumvent his 2021 ban. Lindell is probably expected to be welcomed back on Twitter now that Tesla CEO and multi-billionaire Elon Musk has agreed to buy the company for $44 billion. Musk has been promoting an “anything goes” policy for the Bluebird company.

Mike Lindell gets banned from Twitter yet again
Mike Lindell gets banned from Twitter yet again

“Hello everybody, I’M BACK ON TWITTER! My only account is @MikeJLindell! Please RT and FOLLOW to SPREAD THE WORD,” -he Tweeted to let his followers know. He also posted a video of himself, asking his followers to let everybody know. “Please share with everybody you know, let everybody you know, so we can get the word out on Twitter in case they do take it down. Thanks a lot for helping out.” -he said in the video.

Lindell says ejection from Twitter was a “shame”

Sometime after being re-banned from Twitter, Mike Lindell told a daily news outlet that getting ejected from Twitter again was a “shame”, adding a peculiar non sequitur, “We need to melt down the voting machines and turn them into prison bars.”

Lindell was asking at a political rally in Nebraska on Sunday if anyone knew Musk so he could talk to him about… voting machines, in what appeared to be another strategy to reclaim his spot on Twitter.

Mike Lindell and Donald Trump

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Lindell was banned from the social media platform for life last year for spreading conspiracy theories and lies about the presidential election. Several Twitter users pointed out that the new profile was a violation of the company’s ban evasion policy, which states that attempts to avoid being banned are prohibited, “including through the creation of new accounts.” Lindell’s attempt to circumvent his ban resulted in the account being closed down.

“Well bitches, I’m back on Twitter”- Roger Stone expresses glee over re-joining Twitter

Self-described GOP “dirty-trickster” Roger Stone also made a similar attempt, making a new account on Twitter. Unable to contain his excitement on getting back on the platform, he bragged on Telegram on Thursday saying, “Well bitches, I’m back on Twitter”. He added, “I’m anxious to see how strong Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech is.” He too could not enjoy it for too long as his account was also taken down around six hours later.

“I posted a new account to prove a point,” -Stone later said to a daily news outlet. “I look forward to whoever made the decision to suspend my account getting fired. Attn: Elon Musk.” -he added.

Roger Stone
Roger Stone

“The account referenced was permanently suspended for violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically our ban evasion policy,” -Twitter said to the same daily news outlet, explaining why they banned the account again.

Stone was first banned from Twitter for life, in 2017, after launching vicious attacks on some journalists of CNN for reporting on the Kremlin interference.

Stone was also sentenced to 40 months in prison in early 2020 for a variety of felonies, including witness tampering, lying to Congress, and obstructing the House investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Then-President Donald Trump later issued him a pardon.

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