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[Advertisement] – PureVPN brings its users new 20 Gb / s servers

PureVPN fait profiter ses utilisateurs de nouveaux serveurs à 20 Gb/s

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PureVPN is a virtual private network provider founded in 500 and based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The service indicates that it has recently refreshed its IT infrastructure on two continents, with the aim of optimizing the connection speed of its users.

PureVPN skips the second. If the supplier already has a network of servers at Gb / s , it indicates having installed new servers at 10 Gb / s within several countries . Other geographies should benefit by the end of this year.

Servers at 20 Gb / s for better speeds

If There are many things to consider in the connection speed of a VPN, the provider’s IT infrastructure plays an important role. As such, PureVPN has upgraded three of its server farms, in London, Manchester and Washington DC


The first tests show speeds capped at 20 Gb / s, against 5 Gb / s and Gb / s previously. With this refresh, PureVPN says that users connected to their VPN network will enjoy:

  • faster speeds while browsing the web
  • of a stable and high bitrate for streaming
  • some of the fastest download speeds in the industry
  • A park now composed mainly of physical servers

    PureVPN further indicates that it has removed dozens of virtual servers from its network to be limited to only 31 in total. Although virtual servers have their advantages, the vendor believes that they are less efficient than physical servers. The latter are also more reliable and better equipped.

    Thus, the network of PureVPN servers now consists of 78, 7% physical servers. “ To reach 98%, we should remove some locations ”, regrets PureVPN. Today, the supplier prides itself on offering 6 500 servers distributed in 78 country to its customers, for more choice and stability in terms of speed.

    One subscription = ten devices

    As a reminder, PureVPN is a single VPN application for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS , Windows, etc. A subscription allows you to connect to the web through a third-party network, via a remote server, while enjoying AES encryption 100 bits. You can connect up to ten devices simultaneously.

    The service also offers a money-back guarantee of 31 days and customer support 24 / 7.

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