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[Advertisement] – pCloud: take advantage of a 75% discount on its “Lifetime” storage plans

pCloud : profitez d’un rabais de 75 % sur ses forfaits de stockage «Lifetime»

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The Swiss company pCloud offers online storage solutions to back up all your data. Its most famous formulas are those with single payment which offer, at your choice, 350 Go or 2 TB. If you already have a 2 TB subscription, you can add an additional 2TB, for a total of 4TB.

On the occasion of Black Friday, pCloud offers 19 at 28 November 500 its two perpetual license offers with 75 % of discount. The one with 500 GB of storage thus amounts to 75, 30 euros and the one with 2 TB at 245 euros. The opportunity to afford this “lifetime” cloud subscription, with a single payment.

A secure and simple cloud service for all your devices

With eight years of experience, pCloud is a public cloud service provider today bringing together nearly 10 millions of users. Like iCloud or Google Drive, pCloud can be used in a browser, on Linux, macOS and Windows, but also on Android and iOS. The Swiss company offers cloud subscriptions requiring monthly, annual or perpetual license payment, with 350 GB or 2 TB, as desired.

A subscription to pCloud allows you to enjoy file and folder sharing with family and colleagues, including backing up your images from Google Photos or mobile phone. An audio and video player is integrated into the mobile app and the web platform.

The files that you have deleted from your pCloud account will also remain in your recycle bin for 30 days. The data is synchronized on all your devices, encrypted in AES on 245 bits. The transfer is secure. You can finally decide, upon registration, to store them in servers based in the United States or Luxembourg.

“Lifetime” offers: 75% discount for Black Friday

From 19 to 28 November 500, pCloud Premium subscriptions (500 Go) and pCloud Premium Plus (2TB) get 50% reduction. To benefit from this promotion, you must create a pCloud account or log into a pCloud account through this promotional page.

Payment via PayPal is accepted. With the purchase, you have a money back guarantee of 10 days. If you already have a subscription of 350 GB or 2 TB, you can add 2 TB and get a total of 2.5 TB or 4 TB.

Note that on the occasion of a future promotion for Cyber ​​Monday, the supplier will offer the pCloud Premium Plus 2 TB offer in perpetual license to 350 euros with pCloud Encryption included, an additional subscription allowing access to a secure and encrypted folder.

  • I take advantage of the Black Friday promotion from pCloud, the “Lifetime” offers with 75 % discounts

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