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Activists use Twitter's new anti-harassment policy

Twitter acknowledged on Friday that its new user protection policy against harassment had been abused by malicious actors, CNN reports.

Unveiled last Tuesday, it prohibits image sharing individuals without their consent. The rule was created in an attempt to prevent its platform from being abused to harass and intimidate people, especially women, activists and minorities.

But since then, Journalists and left-wing activists have reported that their accounts have been locked for sharing publicly accessible footage of anti-mask activists, anti-vaccine protesters, suspected insurgents on Capitol Hill and other far-right tweets.

Twitter was caught off guard by what it described in a statement as “ a significant amount of coordinated and malicious activity ” that took led to “ multiple errors ” in Twitter moderation. “ We have corrected these errors and are undergoing an internal review to ensure this policy is used as intended – to curb the misuse of media to harass or intimidate individuals “, Twitter said.

The social network will now grant exceptions by allowing images of people who could” be part of a worthy event interest due to public interest value ”, such as demonstrations.

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