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A new whistleblower denounces Facebook's actions

The weeks go by and look the same for the social network. Earlier this month, Frances Haugen accused the company of “ prioritizing growth over safety

This time – here it is the Washington Post which returns to the load by explaining that a “ former employee of Facebook affirms that the company privileges the growth and the profits to the fight against the hate speech, the disinformation and other threats against the public

This new whistleblower has made an affidavit and testifies to our colleagues anonymously. We just know that this is again a former employee. In both cases, they made statements to the SEC.

According to the Washington Post, the affidavit contained a statement heard by the whistleblower from a senior Facebook communications manager (Tucker Bounds) during the controversy over Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016.

It will be a flash in the pan. Some lawmakers will get angry. And then in a few weeks, they’ll move on. Meanwhile, we are printing money in the basement, and everything is fine.

Tucker Bounds who is now vice president of the company defends himself:” Being questioned about an alleged one-to-one conversation head four years ago with an unidentified person, with no other source than an empty accusation, is a first for me ”.

For his part, the Facebook spokesperson Erin McPike tells our colleagues that they are “ below everything ” and that their article “ sets a dangerous precedent by hanging up a story whole to a single source making a wide range of assertions without any apparent corroboration ”.

A very strange line of defense since at least part of it is confirmed by Frances Haugen and other whistleblowers, as well as by the actions of the company.

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