Facebook wants to change the recommendation process of its Supervisory Board

Announced a little over two years ago, this “ Supreme Court ” house has been in operation for a year. He made his first conclusions in February this year and spoke out on Donald Trump’s ban in May.

In a report on the relationship between Facebook and its Supervisory Board, the social network indicates “ working with the Board and its internal teams to explore other ways to potentially improve the referral process ”, as reported by Engadget. How? ‘Or’ What ? When? This is not specified…

The report simply states that “ the majority of the recommendations require more than a dozen people to assess the feasibility, which we do not cannot easily finish in 30 days ”. A representative of the Council specifies to our colleagues: “ we made more than 70 recommendations to Meta “. While in most cases the work seems committed, “ there is still a lot of work to be done ” he adds.

We are closely monitoring how the company responds to our recommendations and will continue to report publicly on how we view Meta’s progress in their implementation. “, he finally slips.

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