Three U.S. mercenaries blacklisted for cyber espionage, including one ExpressVPN executive

Three former NSA agents who worked as cyber spies for the United Arab Emirates agreed, to avoid prosecution, to pay a total of $ 1, 69 million dollars. They admitted to having violated US laws on pirating and bans on the sale of sensitive military technologies, reports the Reuters agency.

As part of Project Raven, an underground unit tasked with spying on supposed enemies of the monarchy, they had helped hack computer networks in the United States, as well as the accounts of journalists, rival governments and human rights activists, including a Yemeni human rights activist who won the Nobel Prize. and a host of a BBC television show. Some were then tortured by UAE security forces, Reuters said. involved: he even disclosed “ proactively and transparently with us from the start “, of which he was accused. “ In fact, it is his history and his expertise that have made him an invaluable hiring for our mission, in order to protect the confidentiality and the security of the users “, a ExpressVPN told Motherboard in a statement.

Daniel has a deep understanding of the tools and techniques used by the adversaries we aim to protect users from and, as as such, is an expert uniquely qualified to advise on defense against such threats. Our product and our infrastructure have already benefited from this understanding in order to better secure user data , ”the statement continued.

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