Facebook: an elite of nearly 6 million users exempt from moderation rules

According to a Wall Street Journal survey, a Facebook program “ allows certain celebrities, politicians and Internet users to avoid having to obey the same rules on moderation content that the rest of the users “, reports AFP.

Called” Crosscheck “or” XCheck ”, this program, which would have targeted up to 5.8 million subscribers in 2020, does not apply the same controls to messages posted on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of these “ VIP ” than on lambda accounts, according to internal documents consulted by the WSJ.

Facebook For example, would have allowed football star Neymar to show his millions of subscribers nude photos of a woman who accused him of rape, before deleting them.

The group has also reportedly let some accounts share claims deemed false by Facebook fact-checkers, including that vaccines kill, that H illary Clinton has covered pedophile networks or that former President Donald Trump has described as “ animals ” all asylum seekers, AFP points out.

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