Cookies: the CNIL will also focus on the websites of political parties

About forty managers of high-traffic sites had until September 6 to come within the limits of the rules relating to cookies. Following this second control campaign, some 80% of these actors put on formal notice at the end of June have now come under the spotlight, announces the CNIL.

30 bodies have complied, four requested a delay due to technical or operational constraints and four n ‘have not yet answered ”. The authority “ will continue its checks and pronounce the necessary corrective measures against illegal practices “, knowing that the tough guys risk a maximum financial penalty of 2% of their turnover. ‘business.

For the coming months, the CNIL will focus its attention in particular on the websites of political parties, “ due to the presidential elections which will take place in 2022 ”. A golden rule: it must be possible “ to refuse cookies as easily as to accept them “.

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